The BBC’s Real Agenda

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When you see good propaganda you don’t recognise it as such, otherwise it wouldn’t work. Likewise you don’t know when you are being brainwashed because if you did you wouldn’t be brainwashed. And good propaganda isn’t designed to change your mind in one go, it is designed to gradually and subtly nudge your opinions into where the propagandist wants them to be. In WW2 Germany had a Ministry of Propaganda and Britain had its Ministry of Information, doing the same job. Today we have the BBC.

The BBC grew during WW2 as a tool of the Ministry of Information. After the war the UK had extreme austerity as socialism and the welfare state were imposed on the country, in what was called the post war consensus. The BBC’s role in this is what is called Social Conditioning, using WW2 brainwashing techniques to make the British public docile and accepting of what was being done to them. This love of the state control of everything is embedded indelibly into the very DNA of the BBC. It really dislikes individual success and the creation of wealth.

The BBC has a visceral hatred of Margaret Thatcher because she proved that their entrenched state socialism didn’t work . That enterprise and free markets create a far fairer and more prosperous society. Blair came along and reinforced this point. Then in 2003 he used Hutton to batter the BBC into submission to his globalist Cultural Marxist dogma. He then used the Common Purpose secret society, which had been founded in 1989, to re-educate BBC employees with conditioning courses. Tens of thousand attended these to be brainwashed.

And this was a fantastic success for Blair as the BBC went on to brainwash the nation. The toxic political correctness of Cultural Marxism engulfed British society, extinguishing all other thoughts, attitudes and opinions. It is George Orwell’s 1984 come alive in our society. We have omnipresent mass surveillance, Newspeak, Thought Police, Doublespeak, historical negationism, perpetual war and being part of an undemocratic superstate.

The BBC now promotes (subtly, remember) this Cultural Marxist world view in all its output: news, current affairs, documentaries, “humour”, soap operas, game shows, drama, children’s programmes, sport etc etc. It is ubiquitous in their output. Simon Reeve has a current documentary series about America, this is just relentless Cultural Marxist propaganda dressed up as a travelogue. And because most good humour is not politically correct the BBC have squeezed it out of British life. BBC “comedy” these days consist principally about being nasty to people.

The BBC is often described as left wing and left wing extremists sometimes accuse it of being right wing. The reality is that it is neither. The BBC has its own political agenda. What it is working towards is an undemocratic one world government based on the UN. With no nations, no separate cultures, no families, no freedoms, no rights, no religions and no races. All ruled over by an oligarchic elite. Think current day China as being its ideal. This is entrenched in UN Agenda 2030, where it is dressed up as “sustainability” using the MMGW lie.

Once you realise the BBC’s agenda it all makes sense. Its relentless promotion of LGTBXYZ is to break up the family unit and destroy family values. The lie of MMGW is used to increase state control over us and transfer power to the UN. Mass immigration is to destroy our culture and our race. The EU is there as an undemocratic regional superstate which is a major stepping stone towards a global superstate. And then there is the BBC’s hatred and relentless campaigning against anyone who opposes its dogma, Donald Trump for instance. Once you know and understand these things properly you can see it in everything the BBC does.

Obviously many people at the BBC who are doing this to us don’t realise the ultimate agenda. They are just useful idiots following Common Purpose orders.

You don’t have to take my word for all this. There are many other sources that reveal the same truths. Robin Aitken worked for the BBC for 25 years then wrote the books Can We Trust The BBC? (clue-no) and The Noble Liar. David Sedgwick wrote BBC: Brainwashing Britain which exposes the Cultural Marxism and brainwashing techniques that are central to the BBC. John Humphrys worked at the BBC for 32 years, but waited until he left to explain to us how toxic it is in his book A Day Like Today. The website Biased BBC keeps a track on some of its most egregious output. A simple search using some of the keywords in this article will reveal much more.

Looking at the facts there is no doubt that the BBC is the enemy of the British people. A swamp in urgent need of draining. Fortunately its viewers are deserting it by the millions. It has jumped the shark and is no longer credible to many whilst technology has moved the audience to the likes of Netflix. The license fee must go. The BBC must be broken up, it is far too powerful. Then the constituent parts must be sold off individually to the private sector.


  1. The Cultural Marxist BBC is driven by political correctness and especially by multiculturalism. This totally distorts and corrupts their moral compass and their sense of moral equivalence.

    So a few youths using hurty words in Bulgaria is a massive news event.

    Whilst as many as a million children being raped in Great Britain hardly deserves a mention.

    And the biggest area of abusive language in the world today is against “white privileged” and “the patriarchy”. Abuse that the BBC presumably agrees with and approves of.


  2. I have long believed that the BBC and other media outlets had an agenda. They typically give minorities the limelight while ignoring the majority.

    Reading this article certainly confirms my worst fears that the BBC have been brainwashing us for decades. I can’t watch any current affairs show now because of their political correctness. You see it in all of the people in front of the cameras with their ridiculous diversity, it’s a bloody joke how they push their minorities onto us.

    Thank god for social media so that we can have an alternative view on all worldly events.

    It all becomes very clear to me having read this article.


  3. Vert informative read. THank-you.


  4. For quite a while now, the BBC news and current affairs has been awful. They quite clearly have an agenda.
    Best example is the fact that they will never show the mass immigration to Europe in a bad light. Also the obvious token ethnic minority characters in their shows.


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