Abusive Chanting at Soccer Games

On the 14th October England played Bulgaria at soccer in Sofia. During the game abuse was hurtled at the England players by a small section of the crowd. This included monkey impressions. Such behaviour is vile, despicable, immoral and deeply reprehensible. The people involved are stupid, brainwashed, easily led, immature, sociopathic, uncivilised low lifes.

All this not because of race, colour or religion, but because nobody should behave towards any other human being in this manner. People are just people, some are nice, some are nasty. Some are good at kicking a football, some are good at astrophysics. It takes all sorts to make the world and the only way to treat people is as individuals. Each with their own strengths and weaknesses. Each with their own aims, hopes and aspirations.

It is difficult to see the abusers on this occasion as “racist” because they were not directing their behaviour at their own black players. They were just targeting the English black players so as to needle an opponent. In cricket this is called sledging.

Raheem Sterling is one of the world’s finest soccer players, England are lucky to have him and his sublime skills are a joy to watch. Sterling is one of the most vocal against the abuse directed at him and he has every right to be so. However he is currently negotiating a new contract with Manchester City at a rumoured £450,000 a weeks. There are some who might say that a few hurty words are a small price to pay for such a fortune.

The media reaction to these events was as if World War 3 had broken out. Completely disproportionate. It was the lead news item on every British broadcast media news and made the front page of every newspaper. For hurty words. Whilst the streets of Barcelona, Hong Kong and Paris are ablaze and largely unreported.

This is because the media are controlled by Cultural Marxism, they have an agenda. Hurty words at a soccer game perfectly fit their aims of promoting multiculturalism whilst nationalist demonstration run exactly opposite to their aim to promote globalism. You are being brainwashed.

The soccer matches shown on BT and Sky the following weekend were a disaster. Endless virtue gesturing from the pundits who are supposedly there to tell us about the game. Gary 4 O levels Lineker telling us that the problem and its solution are “societal”. No they are not. It was just hurty words. And it sounded like he was implying that the state should further remove our rights and freedoms so that all speech becomes politically correct. These are steps on the road to the end of democracy.

But there was far, far worse. All through all the broadcast soccer matches over the weekend there was subliminal messaging. White on black flashed messages about “racism”. Surely this sort of stuff is illegal. And as it was on all the different channels presumably this disgraceful action was imposed on them by the state. However it happened this sort of mass mind control is wicked and evil. Social conditioning. And far, far worse than hurty words.

We live in an age when Cultural Marxism and political correctness are out of control. Misgendering is now a hate crime. So if you call a tranny sir you can go to prison. If you say they are mentally ill presumably you will be hung drawn and quartered. It is as Orwell predicted in 1984. Our Cultural Marxist state removing the language we use so as to remove our ability to think. We really, really need to bring the American First Amendment to the UK in order to restore our historic right to free speech. Especially to use hurty words if we want to.

Now let’s look at moral equivalence. Over several decades now there has been widespread organised rape of children by mostly the Pakistani immigrant community. Some estimates say there are a million victims. Plied with drugs and alcohol, groomed, gang raped, tortured. The government, the police, the local authorities, social services all knew this was going on and they did nothing. It is by far the biggest human disaster in our national history.

Yet our media gives this the very least possible coverage that it can get away with. If Gary 4 O levels Lineker wants to virtue gesture then why isn’t he complaining about such atrocities? It is, quite literally, many millions of times worse than hurty words at a soccer game.

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