Liberal Democrats = New Labour

The LibDem Party really should be prosecuted under the trades description act.

Proper Liberals took the ideas of Adam Smith and John Locke, they had reforming politicians such as William Gladstone and they brought freedoms to markets, such as when they repealed the Corn Laws. The LibDems today believe we should live under the yoke of the highly restrictive EU Customs Union and the EU’s burden of excessive regulation of everything that we do. They are the exact opposite of Liberals.

Democrats believe in one man, one vote and the rights and policies of the majority (the winners) holding sway over the minority (the losers). Jo Swinson says that the LibDems are going to totally ignore the results of the 2016 referendum (to be fair most British politicians are doing this, just not saying so). Far more pernicious is her saying that the LibDems would also ignore the outcome of any future referendum. They are not Democrats.

So what are the LibDems now? Until very recently they were the home of people who were dim enough to be Socialists but who abhorred the great unwashed masses of the working class. So people such as school teachers, NHS workers, policemen and all the other legions of public sector workers. They believed in self improvement, education and advancement, all things that true socialists are against.

But now Conservative MPs such as Sarah Wollaston, Phillip Lee and Sam Gyimah are defecting to the LibDems. Just what is going on?

What we are facing is the reality that the old construct of Left and Right in politics is long since gone. Margaret Thatcher destroyed Socialism in the whole world by proving not only that it doesn’t work, but also that it can never work. So virtually every nation ditched it. Only a few dim dinosaurs, such as Jeremy Corbyn, are hanging grimly on.

Politics all over the world today is Globalists against Nationalists.

The Globalists believe that democracy and the nation state are the problem. They are led by the UN, which is steadily taking over. The lie of man made global warming was constructed to facilitate this. Globalists include Obama, Trudeau and Blair. In the UK Globalism is promoted by the Common Purpose secret society and by the BBC.

Nationalists believe in democracy, freedom, the nation state and patriotism. Key followers of this are Trump, Thatcher and Boris.

Some commentators have said that when Boris took over the Conservative Party it lurched sharply to the right. This is a lie. Boris still believes that the state is the answer, when usually it is the problem. If anything he lurched sharply to the left as he massively increased the amount of money that the state wastes. What Boris really did that was revolutionary was to switch from the Globalism of Theresa May back to the Nationalism of Winston Churchill. Which is a very good thing indeed. This is the real reason why he expelled 21 Globalist MPs from the Conservative Party and why there were the defections to the LibDems.

So we have had a seismic revolution in British politics. A realignment. It is no longer Left Vs Right, it is now Globalist Vs Nationalist. LibDems Vs Conservatives. With the irrelevant Labour Party fading to oblivion. If the LibDems don’t form the official opposition after this year’s election then they will after the next one. They are the New Labour of Blair and Mandelson reincarnated. Expect these two to defect soon, if Jo Swinson will have them.

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