Is Boris the Real Thing?

In the UK we have suffered a succession of Prime Ministers who were inept at best, but mostly just incompetent, useless and anti British. Major, Blair, Brown, Cameron and May. We really do deserve far, far better.

Modern politics is made up of Globalists, who think that the nation state and democracy are problems, Vs Nationalists who believe in our freedoms and rights. Our last Nationalist Prime Minister was Margaret Thatcher. From Major to May her successors were all Globalists, this is why they adored the EU so much. Which explains what has gone so badly wrong. They hated the British people and our democracy. So the question now is whether Boris is a Globalist or a Nationalist.

One small problem with supranational empires such as the EU is that history tells us that they always, without exception, fail. The Roman Empire, Alexandra the Great, the Persian Empire, Genghis Khan, the Soviet Empire, Timur, the British Empire, the Third Reich, Napoleon, and so on. The reason they fail is because nationalism and patriotism are immensely powerful forces that cannot be overcome. No matter how much subjugation and assimilation is forced on people they will always fight against the imperialists.

A very good book about this effect is The Dream of Rome. It explains how even after hundreds of years of being Romans, with a united language, currency, government and legal system the people still fought and died to get their countries back. This book was written by Boris Johnson.

Our media, which control much of what we know and what we think, are mostly Globalists. There is very little British patriotism at places such as the BBC. Graduates of the Common Purpose secret society rule the roost so we are fed Cultural Marxism and political correctness. We are brainwashed into thinking that the EU and the UN are wonderful, when in fact they are both evil empires, the enemies of the British people.

So the very fact that the BBC hate Boris, portraying him as a bumbling idiot and doing everything they can to denigrate him is just brilliant for him. It proves that he is not an evil Globalist like they are.

Some people say that it is in the very nature of Boris that he is good at every job he is given, but it is only when he gets the top job that he excels. We saw this when he was a two term Mayor of London. He did the job brilliantly. The evidence for this is irrefutable, just look at the slow motion train wrecks of his predecessor, Ken Livingstone, and his successor, Sadiq Khan, who were both abject failures who failed to meet the challenges of the job. Those who were close to Boris during his tenure say that his especial brilliance was in putting teams together and getting them to work. Exactly what is needed from a leader in government.

Boris has amazing genes, both his parents are Oxford graduates who have achieved much with their lives. Boris too went to Oxford, winning a scholarship. He read Classics there, which is one of the most intellectually demanding courses and he was elected to be President of the Oxford Union. Boris speaks Latin, French and Italian fluently with good German and Spanish.

Then there are the books. Boris has eleven published books with a twelfth, on Shakespeare, due. His biography of Winston Churchill is especially incisive, readable and well thought of.

But, before we get carried away, all is not perfect. Boris seems to think that government is the answer, when usually it is the problem. He also seems to think that he can spend money that other people have earned better than they can spend it themselves. But we voters are in a horrible position where virtually every politician in Britain thinks these amoral things. And most of them are far more extreme than Boris in these beliefs.

So, in conclusion, Boris is not how the Globalist press portray him. But then they are intellectual pygmies next to him, so he must give them a huge inferiority complex. He is the first true patriot we have had as Prime Minister since Margaret Thatcher. And he is almost certainly the best person in Britain for the job.

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