There Are Only Two Options: Boris or Remain

As we go into a General Election and have a ballot paper in front of us that will decide the future of our country like never before. It is worth sitting back and taking a considered view of the options (leaving out the complexities of the 18 Northern Ireland seats).

Conservative Party. The only party who can and will take us out of the EU. Theresa May’s deal was Brexit in name only (BRINO). With the key Boris amendments it is definitely Brexit. But could be better. With a big majority Boris will improve the deal. Maybe going for Canada++.

Labour Party. Corbyn is a life long EUphobe. Virtually 100% of the rest of the party is Remain. They have voted many times in the House of Commons to prevent Brexit. The Benn Act stopped us leaving. Keir Starmer, the shadow Brexit Secretary, is a pro EU fanatic.

LibDems. This party is the enemy of the British people. They have a globalist, new world order, love of the EU. Their policy is to ignore the democratic referendum completely. And to ignore any future referendum.

Green Party. One MP and that is one too many. These people are Luddite socialists who want to massively destroy our quality of life so as to satisfy their ridiculous dogma. Fanatically pro EU.

SNP. An enigma. The Scottish people don’t want independence but they vote for a party that does because they hate the English parties so much. Scotland is utterly parasitic on the English taxpayer, to the tune of more than £13 billion a year, just under 8% of GDP (and without any gratitude). Independent Scotland, without this money, would be incredibly poor. So the SNP plan is to be independent within the EU. Becoming utterly parasitic on the German taxpayer. There are two flaws to this plan. Firstly it is impossible to be independent within the EU. Secondly the Germans won’t pay. There are 59 Scottish MP seats (an undemocratic over representation). The SNP could win virtually all of them.

Plaid Cymru. Currently just 4 MPs out of 40 Welsh constituencies. Their policy is to cancel Brexit.

At the moment the LibDems say they won’t join a post election coalition. They lie. They have to say this otherwise there would be no point in voting for them. In Westminster the Remain parties have already been working together in an anti Brexit alliance. In the Brecon and Radnorshire by-election they had an electoral pact. If the Remain parties win 326 or more seats between them then they will 100% definitely form a coalition. And that will be the end of Brexit.

The Brexit Party (TBP). The latest Farage vehicle had the immense success in getting the Conservative Party to dump Theresa May who was working against Brexit and to appoint Boris who is committed to Brexit. But now TBP have become the problem. In Brecon and Radnorshire they split the Leave vote. So a Leave constituency ended up with a Remain MP. Early polling for the upcoming General Election says this will be repeated in other seats. TBP really are now the enemy of Brexit.

This is how, in a real election. People who voted TBP have ended up with a Remain MP in a Leave consituency.
Proof of how TBP will give us Remain MPs in Leave constituencies.

And TBP will not win a single Westminster seat. None. Ziltch. Under our first past the post (FPTP) electoral system it is impossible for them to do so. There is a complex science of how elections and voting work, it is called psephology. This was applied recently across all the UK constituencies, based on an 11.3% TBP vote share (see it HERE). It gave them zero seats. Since then, as people face the realities, TBP vote share has dropped to about 9%.

There is not just psephology, there is history. In the 2015 General Election UKIP won 12.6% of the vote but only had one MP. But that MP was Douglas Carswell, an incumbent Conservative defector who then bailed out of UKIP, so that really wasn’t a seat won.

Anyone voting TBP in the expectation of seeing TBP MPs is very severely deluded. It is just not going to happen. But by splitting the Leave vote it is pretty obvious that a vote for TBP is really a vote for Corbyn. Voting TBP is the surest way to not get Brexit. Voting Boris is the ONLY way to get Brexit. Which is why 20 TBP candidates for the General Election have already quit, expect many more to follow.


  1. Boris Johnson was handed a poll boost today after it was revealed that people who voted Leave in 2016 trust him more than Nigel Farage to deliver Brexit.

    More than two thirds (68 per cent) of those who backed EU withdrawal three years ago trust the Prime Minister to deliver, in contrast to less than half (49 per cent) who backed the Brexit Party leader.

    The analysis by YouGov for the Times comes after Mr Johnson sent out another clear sign that he will not bow to Mr Farage’s demand he scrap his Brexit deal or risk losing seats to the hardliners.


  2. Hey, Bruce, how’s Brexit going?. Finally happy?.

    Oh, right, you’re still fucking around in Europe.

    Hope you bridiots are having fun with Boris. Unless, of course, he’s dead in a ditch.


  3. Americans look forward to the stock market crash because they think that they’ll be able to buy homes cheaply.

    Americans don’t realize that when the US Ponzi economy collapses, ATM cards won’t work, banks will close, companies will shut, cash will be worthless, the water and electricity won’t work, there will be no government workers to transfer titles, there will be roving mobs of starving people, and there will be no police to protect property.


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