Foreign Interference in British Politics

The Remain campaign for the British EU referendum in 2016 was based on lies and Project Fear. Because if they had told the truth about remaining in the EU then nobody would have voted for them. At the time the US President was a well known liar, Barack Obama, who entered into British politics on the Remain side at a press conference saying: “The UK is going to be in the back of the queue”. Only the hard of thinking would believe this, but there are a lot of incredible stupid people around. The fact that the Marxist Labour Party is currently polling 25% being proof of this.

The EU’s reaction to our voting to leave was to do everything in their power to prevent it happening. They always find a way to beat referendums that go against them. There have been many referendum results that have not gone the EU way and they have all been overturned. It is called democracy. So since the referendum the EU has spent many millions in the UK on “information and promotion” advertising campaigns. They have been colluding with Quisling British politicians such as Hilary Benn, Dominic Grieve, Phil Hammond, John Bercow, Tony Blair and Anna Soubry. EU officials even helped to draft the legislation that torpedoed Brexit.

Of course the BBC don’t tell you all this. Because the BBC receives many million of pounds from the EU. The BBC are the paid propaganda arm of the EU. And you don’t have to watch or listen to it very much to realise that they are providing excellent value for money.

Then we come to George Soros, a Hungarian/American and his Open Society Foundations. He is a NWO globalist and has spent, quite literally, billions on financing activism against politicians or policies that he does not like. So he has spent a fortune trying to stop Brexit. The very fact that the BBC have made programmes and written articles about how good Soros is must come as a very big warning. These globalists are all in it together.

Then there is Richard Branson, UK tax avoiding friend of Soros, who lives in the British Virgin Islands. He too has been financing activities to try and overcome our democratic choice. But Richard is both poorer and tighter with his money than Soros, so he has paid far less. Maybe just a few hundred thousand.

As you can see, foreigners who don’t even live in this country have more power over how it is run than you, the voter has. And this power is malevolent because it comes from the Cultural Marxists who seek to enslave us in a post democratic single nation world.

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