The Marxist Party of Islington.

Currently the worst disaster to befall the people of Great Britain is the Attlee government, which we are still massively suffering the effects of. Because of him we still don’t have a first world health service, for instance. Our second biggest disaster was WW2 and our third biggest disaster was WW1. A Corbyn led government would surpass all of these.

The whole political philosophy of Marxist Labour is to force a simple extremist dogma on the country. No matter how silly that dogma is or how much harm it causes. This dogma is very simple, it must be for Corbyn to understand it, and it has two elements. And you can hear these elements in all their speeches and see it in all their policies.

The first element is that success must always be punished and failure must always be rewarded. This is called social justice. But really it is politics of envy. And it is why the hard working achievers in Britain are currently taxed higher than ever before in history. Which has led to more than a million of them taking their education and skills abroad, where they are better appreciated and where the taxes are much lower. Withing six months of a Corbyn government expect at least another million to leave, very many are already making preparations. Then another million to go in the following six months. All the high earners who can do so will bail out. It is incredibly easy to work abroad these days with English as the global language. Remember that it is these enterprising high earners who generate the wealth that pays for everything. And our excessively generous benefits are why vast quantities of illegal migrants want to get out of France to come to the UK.

The second element is the state ownership of people. State control over every aspect of everyone’s lives. You will do what you are told. The problem with this is that we all know that everything that the state does it does very badly indeed. So obviously the less state the better. The old nationalised industries in Britain were pure excrement. Incredibly bad service and products at ridiculously high prices. They did not exist to look after paying customers but as inefficient job creation schemes with massive overmanning. Which we all paid for. Margaret Thatcher’s privatisation and introduction of competition transformed them hugely for the better. It would take a special sort of stupid to want to reverse this.

Corbyn’s plans are impossible to pay for, no matter how much he lies that they are, they are so flagrantly excessive. There is no such thing as free stuff, the money has to come from somewhere. Corbyn says he will borrow the money, but if such high demands were placed on the market then interest rates would rocket, especially as the risk would also go up, remember not so long ago Greece defaulted on its bonds. So borrowing would very quickly become impossible. Then there is taxation. Put that up and the rich just will not pay it. They will either stop generating wealth because why bother or they will leave the country. So the tax burden imposed by Corbyn will fall disproportionately on public sector workers and the working man. The very people that Marxist Labour pretends to represent will be the ones they hurt most. And higher taxes will put prices up, reducing the quality of life, especially for these same people.

There are two further ways Corbyn can finance his spending diarrhea. He can expropriate. Steal. He has already threatened to re-nationalise without compensation. Stealing from the pension funds of those very same workers once again. But then Labour are experts at stealing from people’s pensions. The fourth method is to print money. One again this is stealing, because every new pound makes all the existing pounds less valuable. It is called inflation and, once again Labour are an expert on this. And once again it will fuel high interest rates. Very many people will not be able to afford their mortgages.

Now some people may not fully believe what is written here. But it can be proved with just one word. Venezuela. Corbyn has said very many times that this is his model and so his dogma and policies are virtually identical. Now remember that Venezuela is the country with the largest oil reserves in the world. And yet the people have been forced to eat their pets, zoo animals and rats. Everyone who can leave the country has gone, sometimes in mass, starvation driven exoduses into neighbouring countries. And the government shoots in the street the people who object to all this. Expect the same to happen to Great Britain if Corbyn’s policies are implemented.

It really does take amazing stupidity to vote Labour. They trash the country every time they are elected, singling out the working man, who they pretend to represent, for the greatest damage. Yet around a quarter of the British population intend to vote Marxist Labour in the upcoming general election. Even though, under Corbyn, it is far, far worse this time round. These voters really are mad.


  1. Socialism is indeed awful and murderous.

    Why do our two main parties both offer it in spades?

    I can’t vote to escape Socialism.

    The state is huge, I slave for the state half the working year or more including vat, income tax, national insurance (income tax 2), council tax. The state spends more than it ever has. It writes more law and its lackey agencies more regulation than ever before.

    My democratic rights, speech, free association, parental rights and privacy have all been decimated.

    I vote to reject a layer of supranational government and the powers and rights I wish to recover are given straight back to it.

    Blue socialist tyranny is just as bad and destructive red socialist tyranny……….


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