Some Great Movies

Just recently all the main news outlets (especially the BBC) carried the fake news story that 11,000 scientists were predicting climate change disaster. The prediction was just about as unscientific as you can get. Pure speculation. But then the MSM do not understand science. And the 11,000 “scientist”. A lie. They were just brainwashed activists. As this movie comprehensively proves:

By now everyone knows that our politicians are pure excrement. They have spent the last three years doing their best to stop the Brexit that we democratically voted for. Whilst lying through their teeth. Let’s hope that much punishment is handed out to this scum in the upcoming General Election:

Cultural Marxism, and the Common Purpose secret society that runs it in the UK, is pure undiluted evil. It seeks a post democratic single nation world run by a small oligarchic elite with the rest of us as slaves. A bit like modern day China but much bigger and much worse. The Cultural Marxists are succeeding, yet most people don’t realise what is being done to them:

Some great nostalgia here. How Britain used to be. Spot the differences!:

The BBC is the enemy of the British people. It is a Cultural Marxist brainwashing organisation, churning out propaganda to control the hard of thinking:

Manmade global warming is a scam created by the UN as part of their agenda to control the world’s population. It is just as evil as Nazism or Stalin’s Communism. Here it is utterly refuted and exposed:

Finally the obvious lie that there is scientific consensus about the MMGW scam. There absolutely is not. As explained here:

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