It Takes a Special Sort of Stupid to Vote SNP

1) If Scotland joined the EU after Brexit and ScotRef2 then it would not be independent. It would be a vassal of the EU Empire, taking orders from foreigners in Brussels.

2) All 5.5 million Scots now receives a £2K annual charity payout from English taxpayer. Half the total UK budget deficit. The EU will not pay this. They would not even be able to afford to after the UK stops contributing to the EU budget. The Scottish people would be incredibly poor after “independence”. To see GERS click HERE.

3) Scotland receives a disproportionate % of UK government administrative spending (in addition to Scottish government spending). 8 UK civil servants per 1,000 population (the highest outside London) plus huge defence spending. Rosyth, Coulport, Faslane, RM Condor, Lossiemouth, Kinloss + many army barracks and training bases. Losing these will cause large scale unemployment and economic damage.

4) Two thirds of Scotland’s exports go to the rest of the UK but just 15% go to other EU countries.

5) The SNP run education, policing and health in Scotland. They run all three very badly indeed. Really, really badly. On this alone nobody should vote for them.

6) William Gladstone, Henry Campbell Bannerman, Herbert Henry Asquith, Andrew Bonar Law, Sir Alec Douglas-Home and Gordon Brown were all UK Prime Ministers who represented Scottish constituencies. Countless more Scots have been UK government ministers. Voting SNP has taken this power and influence away. The exact opposite of what Sturgeon promised.

7) The SNP have a long history of corruption and sleaze. I wrote about this previously (click HERE). The Alex Salmond serial sex pest trial will be fun.

8) Jeane Freeman, MSP cabinet member in charge of health and sport was an active Communist. Derek Mackay, in charge of Scottish finances has minimum education and no qualifications. The results that they achieve in running Scotland are hardly surprising really.

Like I said, SNP voters are a special sort of stupid. And the UK is also very stupid to want to remain united to an ungrateful, expensive, whingy Scotland.

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