Why the Labour Party is Doomed (and we should all be celebrating)

At the recent general election the Conservatives won 365 seats and Labour won 203 seats. Which is a stunning defeat. However the reality is much, much worse for Labour. Farage’s Brexit Party cannibalised the Brexit vote costing Boris 35 seats. So the true result should have been 400 Conservative seats to 168 Labour seats.

Jeremy Corbyn was pretty stupid to base his campaign around the obvious lie that Donald Trump was about to buy the NHS. Every cogent voter could see straight through this and it probably lost more votes than it gained.

But the malaise within Labour lies far deeper than Corbyn’s lies. Since 1974 Labour have won just three general elections. These were when it was led by Tony Blair, who was a globalist social democrat, not a socialist.

The working class are now, quite rightly, far more likely to vote Conservative than Labour. They have seen that Labour governments are bad for them. The UK Gini Coefficient went up under Blair/Brown and mass immigration took away jobs and housing whilst decimating public services. And the NHS is always much worse under Labour mismanagement. Remember Mid Staffs.

So who does vote Labour now? Principally two groups. Firstly young urban graduates, brainwashed by our education system. Mainly with polytechnic liberal arts degrees. Mainly in poorly paid public sector and menial private sector jobs. Unlikely to ever pay their student loans off. And blaming it all on the Tories because that is what their teachers told them to do.

The second group are the Muslims who vote 120% Labour at every election, just as their Imams tell them to do. This is a power grab, and it is working. Look around Britain today and see who all the local politicians are, from the London Mayor downwards.. Yes, disproportionately Labour Muslims.

The fact that Labour has not faced up to is that socialism as a political construct is dead. Killed off by Thatcher and Reagan. The whole world deserted it except for Venezuela and the British Labour Party. Even Russia and China became capitalist oligarchies. Because socialism doesn’t work and it can never work. It is based on punishing success (politics of envy, class warfare) and the state ownership of people. Neither of which, obviously, is going to work.

In political science socialism was replaced by modernism (and its bedfellow Cultural Marxism) which seeks a post democratic one world government with no countries, no races, no religions and one language. Sometimes it is called globalism, sometimes New World Order. It’s institutions include the EU and the UN. The MMGW scam is their political tool to gain power. And in the UK (and now globally) the Common Purpose secret society takes over the state apparatus by brainwashing its managers.

Modern politics throughout the world has replaced left Vs right with populists Vs globalists. Populists such as Trump and Boris believe in freedom, democracy and patriotism. Globalists such as Macron, Merkel and Obama don’t.

Which brings us back to today’s Labour Party. It has two main factions. The hard line socialist dinosaurs who are known as Corbynites. And the Cultural Marxist, globalist, social democrats who are known as Blairites. Both lots intend real harm to the people of Britain, but in different ways.

The Blairites, such as Starmer and Benn seek to “modernise” and “reform” the party to make it electable. In other words say what the voters want to hear so as to get elected. Then take away our democracy, rights and freedoms. Which is what Tony Blair did.

The problem is that the lefty extremist nutters are totally in control of the Labour party machine. A party within a party, Momentum, uses Brown Shirt bully boy tactics to enforce its extremism. The National Executive Committee, which controls and runs the party, is just about Communist in its world view. So even if a moderate person was to win the leadership election they would have no power.

So there you have it. The Labour Party is doomed, left behind by history. The people of Britain will not vote for their lunatic, socialist, sixth form politics. And they are incapable of changing to offer anything else.


  1. I absolutely agree with you .


  2. Excellent summary. Very well put.


  3. You could also say that the labour party is anti-nationalist – which is the politically correct way of saying they hate their own people. Also, their pandering to progressive identity politics will be their own undoing, even with their core Muslim block. Expect a pro-Islam Muslim party to rise in response as it has done in Belgium.


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