Meghan and Harry Go Postal

This blog accurately predicted that Meghan Windsor would cause a constitutional crisis and why she would do this (click HERE to see that article).

Now it is happening. They say they want to go commercial in the USA, but to hold on to all the good stuff that comes from Harry’s accident of birth and privilege. They want everything. Some might say that they are woke, petulant, virtue gesturing, narcissistic, preachy, politically correct, hypocritical, entitled, arrogant, parasitic and self centred. They even have a very expensive and very woke brand building website that seeks to justify their stupidity (HERE).

They have no sense of duty or of gratitude to the British people who have paid for their fabulous gilded lifestyle. It is all about them.

If Harry gets what he wants it will finish off the Windsor family firm. If he goes to the USA making money from prostituting our Monarchy and his privilege then British public opinion, which is already moving towards republicanism, will no longer tolerate the £350 million a year that the Windsor family cost us. (A good thing, as pointed out HERE)

If Harry is to make this move without destroying the Windsors then he must lose his Dukedom and Princehood. He must lose his place in the line of succession, which will take an Act of Parliament and the agreement of the Commonwealth. And he must lose all taxpayer’s money, including that routed through his father and grandmother and including all royal protection staff. He must become plain Harry Windsor and live off his own skills, talent and hard work.

As ever the British people have expressed themselves in memes. Here is a small selection:

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