Prepare for the Ice Age

The climate on this planet has always had warm periods and cold periods, there is no “normal” temperature. Warm periods include the Minoan, the Roman, the Medieval and the Modern, which we have enjoyed for the last 20 years.

The Little Ice Age followed the Medieval Warm Period and lasted from about 1650 till about 1860. The ice sheets and glaciers we still see today are partly its legacy. Winter fairs were held on the frozen over River Thames every year. Greenland and Iceland were cut off by extensive sea ice. In Switzerland whole villages disappeared under the encroaching glaciers.

These changes in climate are mostly driven by Milankovitch Cycles (proven science), which move our planet’s position in relation to the sun, and by the output of the sun, which correlates with sun spot activity (proven science). So we can easily see how much warmth is coming our way.

Currently the Milankovitch cycles are in transition from warm to cold. And sun spot activity has moved to zero. A double whammy. Our planet is receiving less solar heat than it did through the warm period. It will cool down. How much we don’t know because, surprisingly, there is little scientific research on cyclical climate change. There is no money in it. So it could be a pause before another warm period, it could be another Little Ice Age or it could be full on glaciation of northern and southern latitudes.

There are an infinite number of ways of measuring global temperature. And climate warmists obviously choose the one that supports their particular theory. But there is no denying that on some measures the graphs are already trending downwards. And, in real time, look at the winter we are having. Much of the northern hemisphere has become an ice box with very severe low temperatures. This is the coldest winter for a very long time indeed. And the cold period is only just starting. 2030 and 2040 could be very much colder.

Predicting climate change is fraught. In 2006 Al Gore made the film An Inconvenient Truth which predicted an apocalyptic future caused by our returning some carbon back into the atmosphere it came from. He received a Nobel Prize for this and not a single thing in it was the truth, nothing he predicted has happened. In fact this is true for every single warmist climate prediction. They never happen, The ice caps don’t melt, the sea levels don’t rise. So predicting an upcoming ice age has far more credibility than they have, because it has more proven science.


  1. Richard Hall: The Holocene Climatic Optimum 7-8,000 years ago was 2.5-3 degrees C warmer than today. See eg:

    Both CO2 & temperature are near geological lows. Increasing CO2 only has a logarithmic effect on temperature*, which is a big reason why in the Ordovician Geological Period, 450 Mya there was an Ice Age despite CO2 concentrations that were c4400 ppm – 11 times higher than now.
    See: is widely accepted by geologists (Temperature: C.R. Scotese
    CO2: R.A. Berner, GEOCARB III model, 2001 )


  2. Awesome post! Keep up the great work! 🙂


  3. Solar activity & measured temperatures are well correlated for the last 400 years.

    NASA now agrees with most solar scientists that the next solar cycle (SC25) will be the weakest of the last 200 years (allowing more cosmic rays to enter the solar system).

    And there is evidence to support The Svensmark Effect (a hypothesis that galactic cosmic rays induce low cloud formation and thereby influence the Earth’s climate).

    Many scientists now predict a 35 year cooling period 2020-2055:


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