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We have already established on here the main features of the SNP in Scotland. Lies, thuggery and bad governance. (Click the highlighted text to see the 3 articles supporting this).

Now let’s look at this execrable malodorous party a little more:

  • Nicola Sturgeon has 14 spin doctors, with strong SNP affiliation, all paid for by the taxpayer, at more than £1million every year.
  • MSP Bill Walker was accused of domestic violence against 3 former wives. Nicola Sturgeon’s office had been told of this 3 years before he fought the Dunfermline seat.
  • Sturgeon’s salary is £144,687, more than many World leaders.
  • Dodgy going ons in Highland elections. here and here
  • Freeing Lockerbie mass murderer Abdelbaset Ali Mohmed al-Megrahi.
  • Angus Robertson, then SNPs Westminster leader, allegedly put direct pressure on businesses to stop them from speaking out against independence in the referendum debate.
  • Trump golf courses and some very fishy events around their planning permission.
  • Trying to influence due process by attacking law officers.
  • Auctioning lunches at Holyrood to raise SNP funds.
  • Married “Sleazebuster” SNP MP had three-in-a-bed romp with teenage girls just weeks before his wife gave birth.
  • One of the most powerful individuals within the SNP is the MSP Humza Yousaf. Before his election to the Scottish Parliament in 2011, Yousaf was a spokesman for “Islamic Relief”, a charity that has been accused a number of times of being a front group for radical Islamism. His cousin is Osama Saeed, a former Muslim Brotherhood spokesman.
  • Nicola Sturgeon apologised to MSPs for lobbying a court to give a constituent, Abdul Rauf, a non-custodial sentence after he admitted an £80,000 benefits fraud, and for calling his frauds “mistakes”.
  • The Scottish Islamic Foundation (SIF) was launched by Alex Salmond and included an SNP minister among its former directors and was described as an “entry level” group for Islamist extremists by the Quilliam Foundation. It was wound up after spending £200,000 of taxpayers’ money with almost nothing to show for it.
  • Dirty tricks and smear campaign against Labour MSP Ian Davidson.
  • SNP MP Brendan O’Hara was forced to make a grovelling apology after he repeatedly used football-related sectarian slurs.
  • British taxpayer money used for SNP media management. The SNP plan will see its MPs hand over £10,500 each of their “staffing costs” towards a media management team, a total of £588,000.

And so it goes on. Google is your friend. The SNP are a long way from being the nicest people to be running Scotland.


    1. shall we ask our old,sick, disabled and young lorraine? how about our homeless or just our poor? you know what makes me sick about people like you? you claim to be nationalists who care for the country and people but you dont. you care only for yourselfs because you a dirty rotten to the core nationals.


      1. Hey J Tinto,

        SNP have just lost 2 MPs. At this rate they won’t have any left by the time the 2020 election comes along.


  1. No real complaint about the ‘totality’ but the release of the Lockerbie ‘bomber’ I am fine with. Private eye magazine covered this case very comprehensively and I have considerable doubts about the proven verdict and the manner in which it was reached was peculiar to say the least. It was widely believed he would win his appeal and the repercussions would have been significant for everyone involved. As it was he was sent back to Libya and it turned out jail was probably the safer option for him. You can refer to the Eye’s Flight from Justice special for the background.


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