The people who destroyed the Labour party

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Currently we sit in the best seats watching the Labour party tear itself apart in open internecine warfare. This is the very best thing to happen to Great Britain in very many years. But how did we get here and who do we congratulate?

Firstly Ed Miliband and his 2013 shadow cabinet reshuffle. Any political party is a broad church of opinions so requires inclusiveness and tolerance to survive. In Labour that means humouring the social democrats (Blairites) as well as the lefties (Brownites). Miliband arrogantly threw this out of the window with this reshuffle. Stephen Twigg, Liam Byrne and Jim Murphy (all Blairites) were demoted (as ordered by Len McCluskey) creating an open wound within the party. There was no major reaction then because of the upcoming election, but the resentment has been building up ever since.

Our next guilty person is Ray Edward Harry Collins, Baron Collins of Highbury, author of the 2014 Collins Report that changed Labour Party democracy. Ed Miliband was elected leader by the aggregation of the results of three electoral colleges, Labour MPs, full Labour Party members and the trade unions. Ray Collins changed this for future leaderhip elections to One Member One Vote (OMOV). But being an unreconstructed trade union dinosaur he fixed it so “affiliated” trade union members could vote, thus swamping out everyone else. This right was extended to “registered supporters” paying a nominal fee, giving activist lefties power over long term party workers. So under the Ray Collins version of OMOV a lefty student paying £1 has the same democratic power as a sitting Labour MP.

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Where MPs retained some power under the Collins revisions is in selecting the leadership candidates. Each nomination for the contest must be supported by 12.5 per cent of them. For this election that meant nominations from 35 MPs. Jeremy Corbyn does not have anywhere near this level of support in the House. But somehow, by some jiggery pokery he got the nominations. Something is rotten in the state of Denmark. So who are the MPs who, possibly for some nefarious reason, nominated Corbyn when they didn’t believe in him?:

Diane Abbott, MP for Hackney North and Stoke Newington,
Rushanara Ali, MP for Bethnal Green and Bow
Margaret Beckett, MP for Derby South
Richard Burgon, MP for Leeds East
Dawn Butler MP, for Brent Central
Ronnie Campbell, MP for Blyth Valley
Sarah Champion, MP for Rotherham
Jo Cox, MP for Batley and Spen
Neil Coyle, MP for Bermondsey and Old Southwark
Jon Cruddas, MP for Dagenham
Clive Efford, MP for Eltham
Frank Field, MP for Birkenhead
Louise Haigh, MP for Sheffield, Heeley
Kelvin Hopkins, MP for Luton North
Rupa Huq, MP for Ealing Central and Acton
Imran Hussain, MP for Bradford East
Huw Irranca-Davies, MP for Ogmore
Sadiq Khan, MP for Tooting
David Lammy, MP for Tottenham
Clive Lewis MP, for Norwich South
Rebecca Long-Bailey, MP for Salford and Eccles
Gordon Marsden, MP for Blackpool South
John McDonnell, MP for Hayes and Harlington
Michael Meacher, MP for Oldham West and Royton
Grahame Morris, MP for Easington
Chi Onwurah, MP for Newcastle Upon Tyne Central
Kate Osamor, MP for Edmonton
Tulip Siddiq, MP for Hampstead and Kilburn
Dennis Skinner, MP for Bolsover
Cat Smith, MP for Lancaster and Fleetwood
Andrew Smith, MP for Oxford East
Gareth Thomas, MP for Harrow West
Emily Thornberry, MP for Islington South and Finsbury
Jon Trickett, MP for Hemsworth
Catherine West, MP for Hornsey and Wood Green

As you can see a handful of the usual suspect lefties, but mostly not. What made non lefties nominate a mobile disaster area like Corbyn? Will we ever find out? Certainly they must be kicking themselves very hard in the foot right now. There is no way that Corbyn can successfully lead the Labour Party in Parliament, he has no room for compromise and tolerance of other people’s views. And most Labour MPs don’t share his views. This is a massive train crash happening right in front of us and it is absolutely fabulous.

Train Wreck 650

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  1. Fighting for the soul of the Labour Party, but the soul is seriously corrupted and nobody, even supporters, know what it stands for anymore.


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