Ocean Acidification is a Warmist Lie

There are fake news stories circulating that CO2 levels in our atmosphere (remember these are just a tiny 400 parts per million) is dissolving in sea water to make acid, which is destroying sea life. Anyone with any science education, indeed, anyone who stops and thinks about this will dismiss it for what it is, alarmist propaganda lies.

The sea has been there for billions of years. During that time CO2 levels in the atmosphere have often been astronomic. Why isn’t the sea already acid?

All fizzy drinks contain huge amounts of CO2, many times more than the sea does. Why don’t they taste acid? Why don’t they etch their glass bottles.

The sea contains large quantities of dissolved Sodium Bicarbonate. This acts as what chemists call a pH buffer, preventing the sea from becoming acid.

All over the world there is continuous undersea volcanic activity spewing immense amounts of CO2 directly into the water. Yet the area around them suffers no damage from this CO2. (Example, click HERE).

CO2 is plant food in the sea, just as it is on land. If more CO2 was put in the sea it would rapidly get eaten by the phytoplankton. Then it would find its way down the food chain to provide us humans with food.

Aquarium owners fit units that pump extra CO2 into their water because it massively improves the ecosystem within that aquarium.

All the experiments that claimed an acidification ecological disaster have been repeated and proven to be scientific fraud (click HERE to see).

Our problem here is that we are bombarded by climate fake news, even on the BBC. Warmist pseudoscience is fed in huge amounts to the public to support the MMGW scam and, obviously, it is all lies.


  1. You’ve written some nonsense in the past but this pretty much tops the biscuit full stop you need to have a read of a book called the deep by Alex Rogers. You profess to be an intelligent man with an interest in science. the only lies about climate change of the type of the you appear to be so keen on peddling. Scientific evidence for acidification and global warming is fully explained by this book written by an eminent marine biologist. Your spurious claims about climate change being a lie are actually very very dangerous. We are fast reaching a point of no return and people like yourself throwing up the smokescreens just risk delaying dealing with climate change in timely fashion.


  2. Point of no return how many years do we have left now to save the planet?


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