Wealth trickle down is fantastic

Capitalism is amazing. Competing in the market to look after customers has enhanced the lives of everyone on earth to an incredible degree. It has generated enormous wealth for the […]

I feel sorry for Americans

When I was young the people of the USA voted in presidents who practiced good government. They made America a better place and with that they made the world a […]

Greece heads for the exit

After the Greek referendum I wrote the “Apocolypse now” article that summarised the situation. Within days Alexis Tsipras of Syriza was back at the EU, presenting a deal even stricter than the […]

Tax credits explained

The idea of tax credits is simple, they are just negative income tax, which gives tax that other people have paid to people who the government think need more money. […]

Greece. Apocalypse now

So the Greeks have voted  61.3% “No”, 38.7% “Yes” in a referendum that has rejected the third Troika bail out of the Greek economy. Obviously these voters expect Angela Merkel […]

Greece has an amazing opportunity

The people of Greece are fantastic. Amazing. Hard working and entrepenurial whilst still valuing the quality of life. Their business skills mean they own a big chunk of all the world’s […]