Yobbish behaviour and intimidating groups taking over public spaces

Currently in Britain we have around a million NEETs (youths not in education, employment or training) which are a direct result of our education system failing to prepare these people […]

Julia Roberts plays a prostitute in the film Pretty Woman

It is pretty uncivilised that unliberated, Victorian, repressive and prudish legislation is still enforced in this country, whilst in more enlightened countries with the legacy of our legal code, like […]

Let's talk about Europe

Just now William Hague, our Foreign secretary, is very aggrieved because the undemocratic European Court of Human Rights is telling us Brits that we have to give convicted criminals who […]

This is an area of Western government policy that is stupid beyond belief. Drugs are chemicals that alter the way the human mind works in a way that some people […]

We love big pharm

The big pharmaceutical companies are amazing. They run right at the limits of technology and take huge financial risks which benefit us all immensely, yet they are poorly understood. One […]