1. Certainly we are but the austerity measures are shrinking the growth

  2. banger

    No, the U.S. budget at least has no relationship to a family budget because the U.S. can create money as they need it. To make that comparison is naive and silly.

  3. Doug

    We would be in a mess . . . if our nations were households.

  4. Adam

    Except a household can’t raise taxes or gather the £100bn lost every year through tax evasion… Stupid analogy really.

  5. Whatever

    Man you seriously need to get a life

  6. dave

    this is meaningless you obviously haven’t a clue about economics why don’t you stick with what you do know which is obviously very little.

  7. Huyton Freeman

    and the “credit card balance” is not the “families” debt, it is the bankers debt!

    As has been said, silly analogy.

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