Very silly website

So some of the usual suspects from the left (who have damaged Britain so much in the past) have created this activist website that wants to return to the profligacy of Gordon Brown and to maintain a massive, disproportionate and fairly useless public sector.

Of course what they are asking for is impossible as well as silly, for where would the money come from to pay for this? We are already taxed to the hilt and borrowing like crazy to support the current ridiculous levels of spending. If we tried to borrow more (and we are talking about immense sums of money here) then the world’s lenders would hit us with big interest rates (as is happening to Greece and Portugal), the cost of borrowing in Britain would shoot up and millions of households would be in trouble with their mortgages. But this would just be part of an even greater financial meltdown.

Just now the situation demands that we drastically reduce the size of the state to allow the private sector (which generates wealth) to grow and prosper. There is no other way to pay off the immense debts Gordon Brown created and to reduce the enormous interest we are already having to pay. Even after the existing cuts (which merely turn the clock back a few years) we are still borrowing like crazy. As I have pointed out in previous articles the level of debt is astronomical, yet these silly people want us to take on more so as to keep them in unproductive employment.

So who is behind this? The list is unsurprising: Chartered Society of Physiotherapy, Compass, Fire Brigades Union, Left Foot Forward, Liberal Conspiracy, The Other TaxPayers’ Alliance, PCS, Red Pepper, TUC and Unison. Not exactly a group that does much to create wealth and prosperity for this nation.

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