Some great Green Party policies

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Here are some of the Green Party policies and, as you will see, a lot of them make great sense. (Click the highlighted text to go to my erudite article on each policy area).

1) Legalise membership of ISIS and Al Qaeda. As I have said many times the biggest terrorists in the world are the Israelis and Americans, yet British citizens are allowed to go and fight in the Israeli army. Hypocrisy and double standards abound. We need a level playing field. Also our government telling us what we can be a member of takes away our basic human rights.

2) Legalise prostitution and the sex industry. It is incredibly stupid, for a whole host of reasons, that this is criminalised. New Zealand have shown us how to do it. And once again the government are taking away a basic human right, who are they to tell a woman what she can do with her body?

3) All but remove the armed forces. Yes, I know. Sometimes the Green Party think like a toddler who has found and consumed the Sherry bottle. They obviously believe that that nice Mr Putin should be allowed to ravage Europe in the style of Adolf Hitler.

4) Tax cars and furniture given by parents to children. Another one of those sherry moments. The Greens obviously don’t believe in the accumulation of wealth in society and that the government is a better custodian of our hard earned money. They don’t seem to have realised the universal truth that the government is not your friend.

5) Every citizen given automatic benefits. This is where that sherry bamboozled toddler found their parent’s stash and smoked an ounce of skunk. They obviously believe in the magic money tree and that sitting at home watching Jeremy Kyle is better for the economy than working.

6) Only violent offenders go to jail. Another one I have written about. Certainly our penal system is incredibly stupid and incarceration is not the right answer for most occasions that it is used.

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7) High achieving independent schools will pay corporation tax. Envious lefties can’t help it can they? They always seek to punish success. And their economic crass idiocy means that they don’t realise how bad corporation tax is. As also is our education system with 20% of school leavers illiterate. We need to make our education system better, not punish the bits of it that work well.

8) England sports teams banned from playing against countries with poor human rights. This means that they wouldn’t play at all, not even against themselves! And certainly not against the USA with Guantanamo Bay, extraordinary rendition and illegal drone strikes across the world. This is another toddler/sherry moment where the Greens prove that they are not living in the real world.

9) No more airports built. Once again a distinct gulf between the Greens and commercial reality. Where do they think that all the money they want to spend comes from? A vastly greener policy would be to convert Heathrow and Gatwick into housing and to build a 6 runway airport in the Thames Estuary. This would greatly reduce both noise and burned fuel pollution for a huge swathe of our population.

10) Discourage the use of the word terrorist. I really hate this whole thought crime business. The government really has no right telling us what we are allowed to think and say. We should be repealing our existing thought crime laws, not adding to them.

11) All illegal immigrants allowed to stay. This makes a lot of sense. There are about a million of them. We can’t get rid of them. So why not let them join society properly? Also it would be great entertainment to see the Daily Mail and its readers melt down with indignation. Obviously the whole population of Africa wants to come and live in Lambeth. But that is a different problem.

12) Benefits can be claimed by anyone, even tourists. The Greens certainly are doing wonders for the economy of Jerez de la Frontera. They want to spend money like there is no tomorrow with no idea whatsoever where it is all going to come from (was Gordon Brown a closet Green?). Their economic credibility is a long way less than zero.

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13) Abolish the monarchy. Yet again The Greens strike gold. The monarchy serves no function whatsoever and is hugely expensive. Parasitic on hard earning British taxpayers. Also it is morally wrong for the Windsors to have so much privilege and entitlement purely as an accident of birth.

As is clearly evident when it comes to anything involving money, The Greens couldn’t organise an alcoholic beverage party in the establishment of a purveyor of such delights. However some of their social ideas carry much merit and are worthy of serious consideration.







  1. Ah Brucie boy! While I don’t agree with lots of the breeze you spout, it has to be said atleast you don’t tread a strict party line as opposed to most political commentators (i.e. left wing = tax the rich, right ring = bash the Unions). Hats off to your diversity in opinion.


    1. I think he’s quite conservative bias actually…


  2. Any links to where you found these policies would be appreciated…otherwise I’ll assume you got them from a text message judging by the blue background of that first image.


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