What happens to the missing children?

How many children do you think go missing in the UK every year? Occasionally a case is reported on the TV, so it must be rare, right? Well brace yourself for the facts gathered by Missing People:

Around 140,000 people under the age of 18 go missing each year, over two-thirds  are not reported as such to the police, by their parent or by their carer.  The number of children and young people reported missing starts to rise sharply from the age of 13 and peaks at 15, 72 of 13-17 year olds reported to Missing People were female.

How many of these disappear permanently? You won’t believe this but the Establishment deliberately keep the information from us. PACT and CEOP say: “It is impossible to provide a single reliable estimate for the total number of children abducted over a given time period in the UK. Data on specific types of child abduction are held by different police, government, legal, and voluntary agencies. Not all of it is published or made routinely available. In nearly all cases, the available statistics provide only a partial account of the true number of child abductions occurring.”

Very convenient.

And here is something amazing. Many children disappear permanently, with no trace of them ever being seen again. As if they were abducted by aliens. Who has the power and the means to so totally dispose of these bodies, year after year, that they leave zero evidence?

Now we are beginning to see horrible truths appearing dimly through the mists of cover up. We now know that Establishment paedophiles were killing children. This was a totally organised thing, not some random one off event. And we know that most, if not all, of these Establishment paedophiles were freemasons.

Freemason structure 650

So why would these freemason paedophiles be routinely killing children? Firstly it could be part of their perverted sexuality to kill someone whilst committing a sexual act. Secondly it could be part of their masonic ceremony. There are many branches of freemasonry and many ranks within each branch. So if one lot of freemasons were killing children as part of their craft it doesn’t mean that they all were, or even that most of them even knew about it. The third possibility is that the children were killed and disposed of to get rid of the evidence. There is a lot of rumour that two very, very important Establishment figures were involved in the child killings. And that part of Jimmy Savile’s popularity with the Establishment was his ability to procure victims.

The freemason paedophiles allegedly doing this killing are known as “Death Eaters” from the Harry Potter characters. The police call them The Untouchables because of their enormous power and position in the Establishment.

Death Eaters 650

The Independent Inquiry into Child Sexual Abuse has a new leader in Justice Dame Lowell Goddard. But will it get to the truth? I think that it won’t and it can’t. Most people in positions of power in Britain (politicians, judges, police, MI5, royalty, senior civil servants) are freemasons and they have sworn many oaths and acted out dire ceremonies to look after each other before everything else. Every previous inquiry into child abuse has been sabotaged and obsfucated. The same will happen again.


  1. I found the factsheet you’re quoting (conveniently using the handy tip you sent me on twitter!)

    It tells me that only 3% of cases last longer than 1 week.


    I know it’s the sheet you’re using because you quote directly from it.

    If you believe this is important, you should devote some time to trying to compile statistics on the number of unsolved missing persons cases, which are indeed hard to come by. You should also devote some time to considering how many unsolved cases there OUGHT to be, given the kinds of error rates in paperwork, people going into hiding etc.


  2. Bruce – this is UTTER BULLSHIT. Have you gone mad? Joined some freaky conspiracy club?
    Only 2% of cases are “missing” for more than 7 days, and, in fact, fewer than 1,500 unsolved “missing persons” of any age actually exist in the UK after police enquiry and 30 days have passed.

    The idea that Freemasons are killing thousands of kids is so stupid as make everything you say laughable – and possibly actionable as a libel.

    You used to know how to sell games, now I think you have lost it badly. Have a brain scan. Something is missing.


    1. David,

      Your ad hominem removes all credibility from everything you say.


      1. You only reply to comments that insult you. Have you noticed that? Actually lots of people do this, singling out the criticisms that appear most confrontational so that they can act all magnanimous and post trite sanctimonious graphics to people!

        I raised similar points politely and constructively and you ignore them. So does my lack of ad hominem attacks validate my comment?


  3. Well thanks to Bruce and others in finding out more about peados child abusers I’m no brain box but til my dying breath I will use e every source to get justice for kids 👍


  4. You happen to be the stupidest lying and de fitful person on the internet.what a stupid waste of time you are.what a scumbag your momma shit out


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