Why David Cameron’s government is abysmal

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All government is bad. They always seek to extort money from citizens and they always seek to increase their own power over citizens. Countries with less government are, obviously, more successful. Countries with more government are, obviously, less successful. This has been proven time after time. Yet still in Britain we have far too much government and it is doing the wrong things. (Throughout the article click on the highlighted text for more analysis from this blog).

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Let’s look at just a few of Cameron’s failings:

  • Not rolling back the harmful evil of socialism and the post war consensus. Margaret Thatcher’s work is only part done. Our children are still being indoctrinated into leftism by leftist teachers in leftist schools. And the BBC continues to spout leftist propaganda at every programming opportunity. This does immense harm to Great Britain, millions of people indoctrinated with the leftist dogma of punishing success and rewarding failure.
  • Interfering in Libya. Now the Mediterranean is full of refugees in boats and Europe is being flooded with the very people we least need. Every time we intervene in the Middle East we make things worse. Iraq, Iran, Syria, Saudi Arabia, Yemen. We should leave them alone and not try to impose London metropolitan elite values on them.
  • Continuing with HS2. This is a gravy train, white elephant vanity project that will cost hundreds of billions out of the British economy for decades to come and will deliver zero economic benefit. We need to concentrate on broadband and the information economy, which make high speed rail travel irrelevant.
  • Not taking on the NIMBYs. We need to repeal the Town and Country Planning Act and build on greenbelt. Half a million homes a year. Everyone has a right to a nice, affordable, family home with a garden. These cost around just £100,00 each to build. We only pay vastly more due to the gross incompetence of governments who are happy to see us live in ridiculously overpriced rabbit hutches.
  • Allowing the inexorable rise of Islam in Britain. Moslems mostly think Islam is more important than their nationality or the state they live in. So this is where their loyalties lie. They are on the way to 10% of the UK population. Then it will be 20%. And so on. As happened in Lebanon. With current policies we will inevitably become an Islamic state.
  • Introducing increasingly authoritarian legislation that takes away our basic human rights, using “terrorism” to justify themselves. The latest Cameron idea is to criminalise “hate” speech. This law will apply to all of us. Yet more thought crime legislation. A true Conservative government should be rolling back this sort of authoritarianism.
  • Cameron is tightening the law on recreational drugs, just when Portugal and several American states have proven that the opposite policy works best. Government cannot successfully legislate what we do with our own bodies, all attempts to do so are futile and only succeed in criminalising hard working people.
  • Not talking to ISIS. They are the fact on the ground and are the result of the unraveling of Sykes Picot. Their actions and policies are very similar to those of our good friends, Saudi Arabia, who sponsor them. We should be talking to ISIS and not be bombing them.
  • Allowing our intelligence agencies to illegally spy on everything that all of us do. Just because it is technically possible for the government to treat us all as potential terrorists doesn’t mean that they should. Our parliament has been incredibly weak in standing up to our government’s industrial scale law breaking.
  • Removing and not replacing the RAFs maritime capability. We cannot police our own waters and we cannot guarantee the free flow of maritime trade. Russia laughs at us with regular incursions. Security is one of the main jobs of government and in this area they have failed very badly.
  • Throwing hard earned taxpayer’s money away in overseas aid. This does not work. Facts on the ground have proven the the only answer to poverty and deprivation in the world is capitalism and free trade. Look at China, North Korea, Singapore and Hong Kong. Our handouts actually make things worse by entrenching a venal and corrupt ruling class. We finance cronyism, corporatism and corruption around the world and should be ashamed of ourselves.
  • Not building a six runway hub airport in the Thames Estuary. A constipated Heathrow is costing the British economy billions every month. Extra runways at Heathrow or Gatwick would not provide the needed capacity and are just plain silly ideas.
  • Not getting rid of in work benefits. That we have around a million working households receiving housing benefit is obscene and outrageous. Some claimants receive as much as £104,000 a year. It just adds funds that inflate the house price bubble and wrongly subsidises a huge number of people with other people’s money. In one fell swoop the government should take themselves out of the loop. Increase the minimum wage, increase personal income tax allowance to £20K and abolish in work benefits.
  • Not liberalising the labour market. This costs us many billions. Union ballots must be tightened to make them more democratic. Especially those for leaders and those for industrial action. Getting rid of unnecessary or useless employees must be made a lot easier, especially in the public sector. We need to have the right people in the right jobs to maximise our economy. The trade unions are the enemy of everyone in Britain, as they have proved many thousands of times.

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All dismal reading (and there is far more). But there is an upside; all the other political parties are far, far worse.

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