June 2015

What is Government for?

Government is an integrated part of our lives, like cash money or the air that we breathe, so the vast majority of people don’t stop to think about what it […]


When I was young you knew what socialism was. Men in cloth hats and strong regional accents ranting on TV about “the workers” and going on strike all the time. […]

Why Osborne must REDUCE benefits

Look at the above infographics and it becomes very clear that for a lot of people work really doesn’t pay. Our over generous benefits are a genuine lifestyle choice for […]

Why the green belt must go

Our green belts were a consequence of the Town and Country Planning Act 1947, they were designed  for controlling urban growth. In 1947 the UK population was 50 million, now […]

The left are bad losers

Labour lost the recent General Election very badly because the British people rejected them. Their personalities, their policies and their political philosophy are not what the British people want. Labour […]

Lefties at the BBC

The BBC has immense power, probably more than the government. It has about half of the total UK news reach across all media and it continues this huge reach across […]

Jocks achieve joke status

So the SNP lost the referendum, they run Scotland very badly and use bullying and lying as part of their everyday political tactics. Having lived in Scotland and being half […]