The 10 reasons why Labour lost the election

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It is over a month since Labour lost the 2015 General Election, but listening to them try to explain what happened it is obvious that they don’t have the faintest idea why. So I thought I would help them by explaining what really made the British people reject them. (click highlighted text for further analysis)

1) Labour is massively controlled these days by the trade unions, most of their MPs are part financed by unions and unions provide most of the funding for the Labour party. The problem with this is that all union dogma and philosophy is decades out of date. It is based around a large working class of manual labourers who just don’t exist any more. Everyone is middle class now. This makes the Labour Party utterly irrelevant to most people.

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2) Most people are aspirational. They want to make things better for themselves and their families. They want a nicer house and car, better schools for their children and more enjoyable holidays. Labour are against all this. Their policies are based on class warfare and they seek to punish success. People really don’t like to be told that they will be punished for getting on in life.

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3) Throughout the campaign Labour leaders told a LOT of lies (here, here, here and here). About the economy, the NHS, education etc. Not everyone is stupid, most people can see straight through this. On one of the TV debates there was an audible gasp from the audience when Miliband told a whopping lie. And people really are not going to trust a bunch of liars to run the country.

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4) Everyone (except a few deluded lefties) knows that Gordon Brown trashed the British economy and gave us the biggest recession for 100 years. Labour should apologise and accept this then move on. Instead they try to deny it. This makes the British people realise that Labour don’t understand finance and economics and can’t be trusted.

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5) Weaponising the NHS. This was very silly. Under the coalition patient satisfaction with the NHS rose to an all time high. Except in the Labour controlled Welsh NHS were things became very dire indeed, despite the Welsh government having more budget per person than the English budget. Also most people remember the 1,200 excess deaths at Mid Staffs and better educated people are aware of the momentous disaster that is PFI. So Labour are, quite rightly, widely distrusted on the NHS.

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6) Demonising the Conservatives is not a valid policy and running a bitter and nasty campaign does not get people on your side. Instead of offering an optimistic view of Britain’s future the whole Labour campaign was negative. They looked like the nasty party that they are. People are not going to vote to have self evidently nasty people run the country.

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7) Fiscal incompetence. Everyone knows that every Labour government has trashed the economy. Tony Blair only got elected because he promised to be different and to be economically competent. Then he broke that promise. Ed Miliband promised spend spend spend in order to try and bribe voters. Which made him look like someone who wanted to trash the economy again. Labour will NEVER get elected again until they can gain the trust of the British people on the economy. Something they show no signs of even trying to do.

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8) Labour is utterly out of touch with its core voters. Most Labour support is hard working people in the North of England. Most Labour leaders are a rich metropolitan elite who think that everything north of Watford is a wilderness. And most have never had a proper job outside politics. So they really have no idea about the lives that their supporters lead. There is a huge chasm now between the Labour leadership and Labour voters.

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9) Scotland. Labour ran Scotland so badly that even non nationalists voted SNP (only to see the SNP make a worse job of running the place). Then Labour ran a joint NO campaign that saw them branded as “Red Tories”. When, tactically, they should have run a separate and more positive campaign. I feel sorry for the Scottish people now, with nobody sensible to vote for except the Conservatives, who are still perceived to be toxic.

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10) Rank hypocrisy. On tax avoidance, zero hours contracts, private wealth and many other issues the Labour politicians were proven to be saying one thing whilst doing the exact opposite. The party of do what I say, not what I do. This really is utterly disgusting and is not something that people will vote for.

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All of this is good news for Great Britain. Labour are unelectable. Their new leader will lose the next general election. Until they face the realities in this article they will always lose.

Since Harold Wilson in 1974 no leftie leader has won a General Election in Britain. Only social democrat Tony Blair succeeded, and he made sure that he carried none of the 10 burdens listed above.

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