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So the SNP lost the referendum, they run Scotland very badly and use bullying and lying as part of their everyday political tactics. Having lived in Scotland and being half Scottish I am very saddened at the turn of events. This fantastic country being trashed by very small minded politicians. So I have written several articles about the situation. (click on highlighted text to see article)

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As I predicted the SNP contingent in Westminster are an ineffective running joke. The Scots have thrown away the vast political power they once had at the heart of British government. They are now reliant on David Cameron’s charity if they are going to get even crumbs. Meanwhile in Scotland the SNP are running the government abysmally, with all major departments performing very badly. The Scottish people deserve better.

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And still the SNP are in utter denial about the economy, telling the Scottish people an endless tirade of lies. They still say that Scotland is self sufficient and they still demand fiscal autonomy. The reality is that Scotland is utterly parasitic on the English taxpayer. If they had to pay their own bills they would very rapidly be poorer than Greece.

In March this year the Institute for Fiscal Studies calculated the shortfall at £7.6 billion every year. This is money the English taxpayers are having to work to earn only to throw it over Hadrian’s Wall. The last census of Scotland put the population there at 5.295 million. This means the subsidy from the English amounts to £1,435 per person every year for every single Scottish resident. They should be saying “thank you very much” to the English taxpayers. And, as you can see, it is a completely different story to the SNP lies.

And now there is further proof of the scale to which the Scottish people have been lied to. The Office for Budget Responsibility has now reported that North Sea oil and gas will generate just £100m a year in tax in future. Which in economic terms is pennies and which makes Scotland even more dependent on the continuing generosity of English taxpayers.

It will be interesting to see just how bad this is when the economists work it through their models. Certainly Scotland is now parasitic to far more than £1,435 per person per year. It would be perhaps interesting to give the English a vote on Scottish independence based on these facts.

An independent Scotland would depopulate very rapidly indeed as it would be unable to sustain its population and they suffered extreme austerity. Houses would be worth nothing. Most businesses would collapse as the economy imploded. It would set the clock back 200 years. It would be worse than The Clearances.

On the Daily Politics today Andrew Neil forensically exposed SNP lies as he put their deputy leader Stewart Hosie on the rack. For the next 30 days you can view this here. Well worth a look as you can clearly see the quicksand upon which SNP lies and promises are built.

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  1. Bruce,

    All thoroughly well said. Unfortunately it will take a long time for all those misguided – and as you say frequently thuggish – nationalists who have swallowed the SNP’s deceitful propaganda to realise it is just that.

    One point that should be made crystal clear, as talk of a second referendum gathers momentum, is that an independent Scotland would never – under any circumstances – be allowed to share sterling in a currency union. No responsible UK Chancellor of the Exchequer or Governor of the Bank of England should countenance leaving the strength and reputation of the pound at the mercy of those whose political ideology will lead them to pursue ruinous economic policies founded on fallacies.




  2. 7.6B blackhole which depending on which party/politician jumps to as much as 10B. Except they base those numbers on things continuing as it is. That includes Scotland’s share of “UK” improvements like HS2 and London Sewer upgrade all important to Scotland’s well being. Of course, most countries run at a deficit. Look at Germany, UK, France et al, none have a surplus, Norway does though but it’s not in Europe proper and doing rather well for it self plus the UK’s deficit is £75B more or less, no arguments the UK should be running itself i guess?

    Scotland produces more tax per head than England. Feel free to continually perpetuate that myth which was shot down in part by Mr William Waldegrave, Chief Secretary to the Treasury in 1997 when Salmond asked about the surplus in the Commons which showed that if Scotland’s share of North Sea revenues had been allocated since 1979, then the net flow in favour of the Treasury from north of the Border ran to £27bn – a figure which the SNP used to refute previous claims that Scotland was subsidised.

    UK needs Scotland for its Credit Rating, Whisky, Oil, Energy etc all improve the UK’s ability to borrow cheaply, lose these and borrowing costs rise. It’s all about the Money not about Scotland.

    No mention of English power companies being paid to give electricity to the National Grid but Scottish connections being charged upto around £40M yearly? No mention of EVEL designed to put Scotland back in it’s box.

    Sounds like you believe Money will just disappear. Things won’t implode. Nobody thinks that the change will be easy or smooth but ultimately it will be prosperous, as the decisions needed to improve things will be taken by individuals – regardless of party – whose livelihoods depend on this. In case your not aware the Scotland Bill has been marked as an English and Welsh only Bill which would fall under EVEL, that thing that prevents Scots having a say about Scotland.

    We’re not better together and Austerity doesn’t work. The American that came up with it even admitted that his data used was incorrect, not that it bothers anyone. Worth looking up.

    Re: Andrew.

    A currency union is the the rUK’s best interest also. Mark Carney governor of the Bank of England wasn’t against it per se. It help shores up the pound during a period of uncertainty, although my own preference is for a new currency for Scotland.


    1. Dezcore has swallowed the SNP crib sheet whole. All the usual rubbish – about Scots allegedly paying for London sewers, e.g. As if whisky would keep us going when oil is at rock bottom! And it would not be in rUK’s interests to have a CU with an unstable iScotland. Nor would rUK electors accept it. Dezcore lives in the SNP fantasy land of magic money trees and unicorns.


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