Cameron has a very bad day over Tunisia

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It seems that we never learn, Cameron seems to be headed for exactly the same mistakes as Bush, Blair and himself.

Firstly he says that the Tunisia killings are nothing to do with Islam. This is a lie. He says this to prevent trouble in the UK between our 6 million Muslims and our 58 million non Muslims. But it is still a lie. There is a website that lists Muslim terrorism and atrocity (click to see it here). Please show me the equivalent website for Buddhists or Roman Catholics.

Then he says that our Islamic citizens should act against radicalisation. When a quarter of them in the UK approved of the Charlie Hebdo killings! And worldwide in a recent Aljazeera online poll with 56,000 respondents, 80% of Muslims support Islamic State. Islam in the UK covers very many shades of grey. Some are as liberal and Westernised as me, others are primitive, barbaric, tribal peasants. And Islam itself is not one religion, it is very many religions after hundreds of years of schism.

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Next Cameron blamed the Tunisia bombings on Islamic State, when there is no proof. It looks more like a lone wolf did it, or at most a very small cell. Islamic State just now is too busy nation building. This is the same mistake that George Bush made with his “axis of evil” blaming Iraq for 9/11 when nearly all the bombers were Saudis. Of course Islamic State are happy to take the credit, it does wonders for their brand resonance, but that doesn’t mean they did it. And Tunisia is happy to round up the “usual suspects”, anyone who has watched Casablanca was expecting this.

Then Cameron says we should not call Islamic State by its name, we should call it ISIL instead. But Islamic State is bigger than Great Britain, it has the rule of (Wahhabi) law, just as Saudi Arabia does, and is the best civil government that most of its citizens have ever seen. Denying that it exists as a country is a bit futile.

Finally Cameron says that we should be attacking Islamic State more. Using £105,000 Brimstone missiles to destroy trucks is just wasting tax payers money and causes no real harm to Islamic State. If anything it helps recruitment. You can’t destroy an idea with missiles. And Islamic state did nothing to harm us until we started bombing them. James Wright Foley was killed on 19th August 2014, we started bombing Islamic State on 8th August 2014. We are idiots, we should be talking to them. We talk to other barbaric regimes. Cameron should learn from his own huge mistake in bombing Libya, look how well that has turned out. The Tunisia gunman trained in the anarchic, destabilised Libya created as a direct result of Cameron’s actions. Great Britain has reaped what it has sown.

The real problem is mass Islamic immigration into Britain. We should take this to zero immediately. Then we should kick out the many hundreds of thousands of illegal immigrants, they are nearly all Muslim. And finally we should Westernise the ones we are stuck with. Make them integrate and become liberal Brits. No more leftie multiculturalism, political correctness and diversity. Socialism is one of the main reasons we have such a big Muslim problem.

And finally don’t believe all you hear and see about Islamic State, much of it is CIA/Mossad/MI6 propaganda, regurgitated by the BBC. Look at this photograph. As you know Mecca is in one direction, the spooks have dressed up some dusky actors for propaganda shots but they don’t understand how to pray! You are being brainwashed.

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