How #tories4corbyn killed off the Labour Party

Leftard anti Blairite 650

This is the story of how many thousands of decent people in Britain got together, mainly through social media, to kill off the nasty disease that is socialism.

When Ed Miliband changed Labour’s leadership rules to first pass the post in 2014 he hadn’t thought it through, like most of what he said or did. So when Jeremy Corbyn, a dim lefty extremist, was made a candidate for the Labour leadership in 2015 it presented a great opportunity to fatally stitch up the party.

It cost only £3 to become a Labour Party “supporter” and thus to get a vote in the leadership election. Also it was impossible for Labour to check on the validity of each “supporter”. So a single person could suddenly become married with four children. Some people gave their budgies and goldfish a vote. Good value.

The campaign on Twitter was under the hashtags #tories4corbyn #toriesforcorbyn #conservatives4corbyn and #conservativesforcorbyn and they went ballistic. Go to them now and see how incredibly popular they were. Then the mainstream press got hold of the story and covered it. There was even an article on here (click highlighted text to read).  Labour membership approximately doubled, from about 200K to about 400K and the poor deluded lefties thought it was because they were popular! Oh how we laughed.

Then came the Labour leadership election. Corbyn got 251,417 votes, the next candidate Andy Burnham got 80,462 votes. The delicious joy of a nutter lefty being voted in as Labour leader by Conservatives. Labour were stupid enough to think that their party membership had lurched leftwards, when in fact the opposite had happened!

When Corbyn got the leadership job he immediately set about taking the party back to the 1970s. He obviously enjoyed the Winter of Discontent. With fellow travellers he moved every institution and official in the party that he possibly could over to the dogmatic, retarded extreme left. And in doing so he made the party utterly unelectable. Except in Muslim areas, as explained here. The glee amongst all those Conservatives who voted for him made all those £3s so worthwhile. Brilliant investments in securing Britain’s future.

Now Labour were in incredible trouble, the vast majority of their MPs are Blairite social democrats, so a lot less nutty and deluded than Corbyn, but still nutty and deluded. But the popular mandate meant that if they tried to remove him he would just go back to his electorate of party members in the country and win again. To make matters even worse (better!) the trade unions have unconditional love for Corbyn, and they have all the money. So the Labour MPs were doubly hamstrung. So delicious, Labour MPs had mostly become unelectable and they could do nothing about it.

But now, under endless extreme provocation, they have turned on Corbyn. The trade unions are incredibly unhappy with this turn in events, which adds further to the fun. The left have got very nasty and want to deselect every “traitor” MP. More joy. It is the £3 that just never stops delivering.

So it looks like we are going to have another Labour leadership election. Already #tories4corbyn are preparing. And if Corbyn isn’t allowed to stand then you can be very sure that the most unreconstructed lefty will win. We will make sure of that.

Corbyn’s real support is actually very small. Mostly Generation Snowflake and intellectually challenged dinosaurs. But they make a lot of noise, which keeps everyone in Labour as deluded as ever.




  1. Damn, we didn’t even need to mobilise #Labs4May – Leadsom’s already withdrawn and paved the way for May. Still, that’s saved us all three quid!!


    1. Gooner,

      See how little you know about British politics.
      1) It costs a lot more than £3 to join the Conservative Party.
      2) After joining the Conservative Party these is a wait of 3 months before being allowed to vote in internal elections.


      1. Condemnation of my naivety to the tory party entry rules is welcomed my friend – I therefore need not spend x amount more than £3 to vote for someone, where now it is free. I will console my little intellect with a political sigh of relief!


  2. Erm, sorry to rain on your party, but your ‘scoop’ is somewhat undermined by the inconvenient fact that Corbyn would have won by a landslide in the first leadership election even without the £3 supporters. You do seem really happy though so perhaps just delete this comment and pretend you never read it, then go back to your fantasy. Seems like you’re having a lot of fun with it?


  3. Absolutely hilarious and good read. You’d think reading the comments and tweets from the likes of Galloway and Abbott and their supporters, that Corbyn Labour was and gearing their flock to some revolutionary lefty victory in 2020.


  4. Is there any actual evidence that Tories 4 Corbyn played anything other than a marginal role? I mean, it’s nice to see all the self-love here with you furiously patting yourself on the back. But can you provide any evidence?

    That, of course, is without even getting into the fact that to do something like this signifies someone lacks anything resembling honour, self-respect, traditional British values of fair play. It’s the kind of nasty lower-middle class Tory extremism that seems to thrive on the right these days.

    You’d never see SuperMac propose such an odious thing. Thatcher wouldn’t either. This kind of move is the politics of the perpetually puerile; childish fools who think they are oh so clever but are actually closer to a pound shop Machiavelli. People like Mark Clarke; he thought himself a political genius.

    Clearly, you do too.


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