Boris is Draining the Swamp

Boris is very obviously draining the Westminster/Islington swamp of Cultural Marxists and Quislings.

Cabinet reshuffle. Goodbye Hammond and a few more who weren’t really Conservatives. In total Boris sacked 11 ministers and six others resigned. This was a good start.

Dominic Cummings culls and disciplines the SpAds. Making sure that the cabinet is actually running the government for the first time in years. The deranged EUphile MSM attack Dominic relentlessly. Proof he is doing it right.

21 Quislings lose the Whip and are de-selected as candidates after voting against the Government. They should be locked up in the Tower. They went against the manifesto pledges that they were elected on, they went against the party that has made their political life possible and they went against the democratic will of the British people.

Goodbye Jo Johnson. Metropolitan elitist scum. You will not be missed. His quotes on what he thinks of the electorate are utterly despicable. He has earned his fall from grace.

Goodbye Ruth Davidson. Well to the left of Tony Blair, so never a Conservative. Scottish conservatives deserve to have a Conservative to vote for.

Goodbye Bilderberger Amber Rudd. She really was the enemy within. Boris kept her off the two Cabinet Brexit committees, presumably because, quite rightly, he didn’t trust her. So she didn’t know what the Government’s Brexit preparations are. Despite what she claimed when she resigned.

Goodbye John Bercow. The poison dwarf. Serial abuser of the British constitution. One of the most reviled men in Westminster. And in the country. Quite rightly he is not getting a peerage.

Let’s hope this is just a beginning and that the traitorous Cultural Marxists and Quislings will now be removed from the Police, NHS, Army, civil service, BBC, our education system, QUANGOs, NGOs, major charities, the Church and much else. Our public life is rotten to the core and Boris is the man to fix it.

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