What Britain Thinks

It may be that I live in a social media and real world echo chamber. But the impression I get from many random conversations is that public opinion is aligning very much behind what I have been thinking. And the BBC world view is now treated with derision. So this is where we are at:

1) That Boris is exactly what we want and need. Though the jury is out until we see what he actually delivers.

2) That Treason May was an unmitigated disaster for the country and we are well rid of her.

3) That the Quislings are getting exactly what they deserve.

4) That Bercow is worse than pure excrement.

5) That the HoC is a disgrace and does not represent the country. It needs a clear out.

6) That Farage and TBP are keeping Boris honest.

7) That we voted for Brexit, not for some “deal”.

8) That the EU can foxtrot oscar for £39bn reparations.

9) That leaving the EU is nothing to fear and that we will be better off out. The British people want to be British again.

10) That we have been messed about far too much and far too long by a political and MSM class who do not represent us.

11) That remain, the Labour Party, the Quislings and the BBC have lied so much that they no longer have any credibility.

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