Why Corbyn is a Frit Chicken

Over the last few months the Conservative majority has dwindled away. Then with the utterly justified expulsion of 21 Quislings it became a minority government that cannot continue to govern. But then no other group within the HoC is capable of forming a working government. The only way out is a General Election.

Jeremy Corbyn has demanded, many hundreds of times, over many months, that Boris must give him that General Election. So, in the end Boris did. Twice. And Corbyn bottled it completely. Boris said Corbyn was frit, using Margaret Thatcher’s famous word. And described Corbyn as a chlorinated chicken, which is a reference to the huge trade opportunities we have with the USA.

Corbyn made this 180 degree flip because he realises that the Labour Party would be decimated in a General Election. The British people don’t want him or his party and here’s why:

1) They are perfidious, arrogant untrustworthy liars. The nation knows this. We have seen them prevaricate and equivocate continuously over every issue. You cannot have people like this running a country.

2) Their constituency is Islington. They hate the working man and they despise the North. Labour are the enemy of the working classes and would wreak havoc and harm on an unprecedented scale.

3) Anyone with an education knows that Labour policies will destroy the United Kingdom. We would be Venezuela Mk 2, Corbyn has promised this.

3) They are the party of Islam. And Sharia Law is utterly incompatible with British culture, British society and the British way of life.

4) They are marketed by the BBC as the party of anti Semitism. The jury is out here. It may well be the BBC who are lying. See this and this and this. But the BBC control the minds of the masses.

5) They are the party that supports terrorism. They supported the IRA when they were blowing up British children and they support some violent Islamic extremists who also want to blow up British children.

6) None of the shadow cabinet could get a job flipping burgers or stacking Tesco shelves. They are dim and dire. They have certainly the most inept and useless front bench team in British history. And those in the benches behind are even worse. Mostly cynical, self serving career politicians.

7) They are under the control of far left extremist entryist organisation who want a revolution. Momentum and the Fabians for starters. They want to restore three day week and winter of discontent powers to the trade unions, which would utterly destroy our national ability to create wealth and to support jobs.

8) Very many of their less vile members have bailed out. Including MPs and local councillors. It is shocking how much more extremist the average elected Labour politician has become under Corbyn.

9) They are going directly against the democratic decision of the British people to leave the EU. We voted for Brexit, not for a “deal”. The Labour Party are one of the main reasons that democracy has been trampled underfoot.

10) They behave in the HoC like the gang of ignorant drunken yobbos that they are. Their behaviour is a disgrace to democracy and brings shame on all of their MPs. They very definitely do not look like a government in waiting.

It has always been the case that voting for the Labour Party is self harm. Every single Labour government has increased unemployment, every single Labour government has created a financial crisis, every single Labour government has harmed the working man. But sufficient people believed their lies about class warfare to bring them to power.

But now it bis different. An overwhelming majority of the British people realise that Labour are utterly unfit for office and will bring harm to them and to their families. No wonder Corbyn is frit.

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