September 2019

Greta Thunberg, The Memes

Greta is a victim of those in the deep state who manipulate and use her. She is just a tool of the NWO globalists. And she freely admits to having […]

Proroguing Parliament Was Legal

Most people, including some MPs, who should know better, think that all our law is made in Parliament. It isn’t. Most of the law in Britain is made by judges. […]

Proof: The EU Really is Shit

In June 2016 I wrote THIS (click to open) article explaining why we must leave the EU. Highpoints include: Net of receipts and payments the EU costs British taxpayers a […]

BBC Reality Check

Latest updates from the BBC Reality Check service . Your best source for the TRUTH. Everyone knows that the BBC is totally impartial and can be totally trusted. All employment […]

How You Can Achieve Brexit

It looks like the Conservative Party are refusing to form an electoral pact with Nigel Farage’s TBP. This is a tactical mistake that could let a EUphile, remainer coalition into […]

Boris is Draining the Swamp

Boris is very obviously draining the Westminster/Islington swamp of Cultural Marxists and Quislings. Cabinet reshuffle. Goodbye Hammond and a few more who weren’t really Conservatives. In total Boris sacked 11 […]

What Britain Thinks

It may be that I live in a social media and real world echo chamber. But the impression I get from many random conversations is that public opinion is aligning […]

Why Corbyn is a Frit Chicken

Over the last few months the Conservative majority has dwindled away. Then with the utterly justified expulsion of 21 Quislings it became a minority government that cannot continue to govern. […]