Greta Thunberg, The Memes

Greta is a victim of those in the deep state who manipulate and use her. She is just a tool of the NWO globalists. And she freely admits to having no scientific knowledge of climate. Maybe she should listen to THESE 500 scientists who say that she is wrong. And to the 31,487 scientist who signed THIS petition.

There was global warming, back in 1996, and there hasn’t been anything significant since. They call it the pause, or hiatus. (But remember planetary temperature can be measures in very many different ways, which usually differ from each other). There is no correlation whatsoever between climate and mankind’s activities.

There was also the Medieval Warm Period (between the years AD 950 and 1250 and 1.5C warmer than the current one) and the Roman Warm Period (250 BC to AD 400 and as much as 4C warmer than the current one). Between the warm periods there have been cold periods, including the little ice age (from 1300 to 1850). Science HERE.

All of these changes in our climate can be explained by the Milankovitch cycles. The earth does not follow the same orbit every year, it is tugged around by the gravity of the other planets. This sometimes takes us closer to and sometimes further away from the sun. This is the real proven science. More HERE. NASA agree HERE.

MMGW hysteria was created by the UN as a tool to increase government control over the people, to increase taxation and to move sovereign rights away from individual countries, transferring them to the UN. They are succeeding in these aims, largely because most media, especially the BBC, is complicit.

Our best course of action here is just to laugh at Greta. She is what Lenin called a useful idiot. There is not much else we can do against the power of the state and of the media. So here are some memes to enjoy:


  1. Oh my fucking god, Bruce. I thought you were a complete and utter twat, I couldn’t believe that you couldn’t go even lower, but your last month of the blog certainly hits a new record.

    You’re such a piece of shit. Greta will be here in 20-30 years suffering what people like you caused, while you will be 6 feet under, totally oblivious to it.

    People, sorry, trash like you is the only reason I’m happy the UK is leaving the EU (if it does indeed leave the EU, I have my doubts). I’m sorry for the 50% that want to stay (the younger ones at that), but at least we’ll stop having such pompous asses like yourself stopping the EU from fulfilling its potential.

    Go to hell, “reasonable” “person”. Hope you really do leave on Oct 31st, and that that clown Boris keeps being your PM. We’ll see how long it takes for you to come back pleading to rejoin, especially when Trump tells you to go fuck yourselves.

    What a waste, man. Every time I come back here your posts are even more pathetic. I don’t think I’ll return. Not that you’ll miss me, of course.

    Have a shitty brexit.


    1. Pepe, if I am annoying you then I must be doing something right.

      You are an abusive person so I thought you should know where that puts you on the pyramid of intellect:


  2. I just come here to take a break from the insanity that surrounds us pumped out daily MSM, particurlarly the BBC. You content is like a breath of fresh air. Keep up creating great content Bruce. You are much appreciated!


  3. I feel sorry for Greta…She has Asperger’s…She is obviously abused and used…I would go so far to venture a guess she could be a Monarch Program victim…It’s very dark and very ugly, as are the memes…


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