Why Russia Today (RT) is more trustworthy than the BBC

Our huge problem in the UK is that the BBC provides more than 50% of all news reach. It is frighteningly powerful.
The BBC is not neutral, it has its own agenda. It abuses its power to promote a “progressive”, multicultural, politically correct, Cultural Marxist agenda.
This is because the BBC is managed and controlled by thousands of Common Purpose graduates. What they are doing is social engineering, they are successfully changing British culture and civilisation to fit their dystopian aims.
Few understand that the Common Purpose secret society now controls the national agenda. So most people use the BBC and take its content at face value. They don’t realise that it is all propaganda which is changing what they think. The whole nation is being brainwashed.

The frightening power and control of the BBC

What are the BBC trying to achieve? The Cultural Marxist aim is a single, post democratic, global country, based on the UN, with no nations, no races and no religions. This would be run by a small oligarchic elite with the rest of us as slaves owned by the state with no rights or freedoms. Think of modern day China and you can see where we are going. Look at UN Agenda 21, Agenda 2030, the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change and the Global Compact for Safe, Orderly and Regular Migration to see the process in action. Our government and the BBC are not being honest with us about where they are taking us. The BBC is the enemy of the British people.

RT is the propaganda mouthpiece of the dictator of Soviet Russia, Vladimir Putin. It exists to promote the interests of the Russian people and the Russian state. Very often it is working against the interests of Great Britain and all the Western democracies. It is very much our enemy.

Both RT and the BBC content are full of lies and fake news. They both prevaricate and equivocate. By omission and commission of content that suits their view they create a very false world view. And they both spin 100% of their content to fit their agenda. They both use powerful and sophisticated brainwashing techniques (such as neuro linguistic programming) developed by the military for war time purposes in order to make us think what they want us to think.

But there is an immense difference between RT and the BBC. Well over 90% of people using RT content know full well that it is propaganda, so they are cynical and unbelieving of everything there. Whereas well over 90% of people believe and trust the BBC. They think it is giving them a balanced and credible world view.

But fortunately recently the BBC has jumped the shark. The majority of the British people want to leave the festering, corrupt, undemocratic institution of the EU, which has caused Great Britain so much harm. The BBC, however, is institutionally wedded to the EU. The EU is central to BBC dogma. Because to the BBC the EU is an essential stepping stone on the road to a dystopian, Cultural Marxist one world government. And so the BBC has been running a propaganda war against democracy. They use project fear, fake news and an immense EUphile bias in all their content. And people are beginning to see through it. They are beginning to realise that the BBC is not a nice institution. That it is evil.

There is more hope. A senior BBC journalist, John Humphrys recently left the BBC and spilled the beans on how invidiously they function. And then there is Trust Pilot, a service which rates businesses. BBC News currently has 536 reviews, 94% of which say it is Bad. What is worrying is the 3% of reviewers who say that it is Excellent. They either work for the BBC or are just totally brainwashed. It is good entertainment to read the reviews.

The time really has come to drain the swamp that is the BBC. It has far too much power which it casually and consistently abuses. There are a number of ways of doing this. But as it stands the BBC is a real danger to our democracy, our culture our civilisation, to the British way of life.


  1. i once would always watch the bbc news at 9 oclock but the last 10 years at least has been getting realy left leaning and outstandly biased i stopped watching it and its comentators there seem to more coloured people than white is that good or bad i dont know but they seem obliviuos the opions of the viewers


  2. I’ve been watching RT since 2011…Stopped the BBC quite a while ago…


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