Proof: The EU Really is Shit

In June 2016 I wrote THIS (click to open) article explaining why we must leave the EU. Highpoints include:

  • Net of receipts and payments the EU costs British taxpayers a million pounds an hour.
  • The cost to the British economy of the EU’s 100 most expensive rules is £33bn a year. £3.75 million every hour of the year.
  • We are largely run now by a group of unelected people called the EU Commission, obviously these are nearly all foreigners with no concern for the British people.
  • The biggest EU decisions are made by the Council of Ministers (the leaders of each country) which uses a voting system called Qualified Majority Voting (QMV) which means that we are often outvoted by countries like Bulgaria, Romania, Slovenia and Lithuania. In fact Britain loses in these votes more than any other country. 
  • We have no option but to let EU citizens come to Britain. And once they are here we have to give them everything; benefits, housing, schooling, medical services etc etc exactly the same as a British person would get, even if these immigrants have made no contribution whatsoever to our society.
  • “Open borders” makes it very difficult indeed to deport EU criminals. As a result we are stuck with more than 13,000 convicted felons. Around half of these are filling up our jails, costing us £36,000 a year each, the rest are living in our communities. 
  • Neil and Glenys Kinnock received more than £10 million in pay, allowances and pension entitlements from the EU (you worked to pay for this), it really is a gravy train for those at the top. Peter Mandelson and many others have their noses firmly in the trough of this gravy train.

Now let’s look at more reasons why only the most stupid people would want to remain in the EU.

Sir Bernard Ingham (who should know) says that the EU is corrupt, useless and riddled with fraud (HERE).

In 2004 the EU Commission issued a report that corruption was costing £99 billion every year and probably much more. This is money that we have worked for. The BBC then were not the EUphile fundamentalists that they are today. So they covered it HERE. In fact corruption is now so bad that the undemocratic EU Commission refuse point blank to publish a report on it HERE.

Then there is the way that without any public debate the EU has been allowed to take over our military and intelligence capabilities. HERE. Obviously the EU fanatic, fake news BBC don’t report this sort of stuff.

How the establishment and Ted Heath fraudulently took us into the Common Market. HERE.

The economic benefits of leaving the EU are enormous. The Single Market and Customs Union force us to mainly deal with less than 20% of the global economy. Brexit means we will be open for business with 80+% of the global economy. This and more good news explained by top economists HERE.

The 20 billion Euro fine the EU Commission imposed on Apple because they didn’t like Ireland’s tax regulations. HERE.

The Independent are now democracy hating, bad loser, fake news remainiacs. But back in 2016 they published THIS brilliant article by Sean O’Grady giving 10 reasons to feel positive after the Brexit vote. Well worth a read.

The Telegraph are even more upbeat. HERE they have 100 reasons why Brexit is a good thing.

Brexit means that the British economy is already overtaking German’s (HERE). There are very many such good news stories. When the fake news BBC are forced to publish one they always say DESPITE BREXIT. When the opposite is true. Our economy is doing well precisely because we voted to leave the EU. And it will boom even more after we have left, as the many links above prove beyond any doubt.

I could write ten more articles full of further facts of why the EU is really, really shit and why getting out of it is the best thing that Britain has done for its people in more than 100 years. There is not one single good reason to remain in this pile of excrement unless you too are on the corrupt gravy train.

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