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  1. All employment in the UK is now zero hours contracts. If we leave the EU these will all be terminated. Nobody will have a job.
  2. The combined effect of MMGW and Brexit mean all children born this decade will never have a square meal and will spend their lives begging in rags.
  3. The Greek economy is doing so much better than the British economy. The Athens skyline is being transformed into a forest of skyscrapers. All thanks to the EU.
  4. Islam is the religion of peace and of women’s rights. It massively enriches our culture and Shariah is far fairer than English law.
  5. Angela Merkel and Jean-Claude Juncker are to be canonised by the Pope. They have brought more good to Europe than any others in all history.
  6. Nigel Farage is actually the devil dressed in a suit and is dragging us over the cliff edge towards perdition.
  7. Peter Mandelson, Tony Blair, Michael Heseltine and John Major are the erudite sages of Great Britain who must always be believed and followed. Theirs is the purest of truths.
  8. Operation Yellowhammer understated how Brexit will utterly trash the UK. We are doomed.
  9. Boris Johnson never tells the Queen the truth
  10. John Bercow is six foot tall and is scrupulously neutral in all political matters. He is widely liked and admired in Westminster by all parties.
  11. Fat City bastards are going to make a trillion pounds each out of Brexit. Whilst little old ladies won’t even be able to afford bread and potatoes.
  12. Jo Swinson utterly and totally believes in democracy.
  13. George Soros is a nice man. Totally altruistic and benevolent. He has absolutely nothing to do with globalism and the New World Order.
  14. David Cameron attacking our leaders has nothing to do with his new book coming out.
  15. Geoffrey Boycott is an evil and vicious animal who should be castrated. So is Tommy Robinson.
  16. It is time we got rid of the Queen and became a republic. With Tony Blair as President for life.
  17. If Brexit doesn’t kill us all then global warming will. Book your beach holidays in Blackpool for January for a guaranteed tan. David Attenborough will be on the next deckchair.
  18. People with a BMI over 30 are far better looking and far healthier than their skinny counterparts.
  19. LGTBXYZ people now make up the majority of the British population. The family is an outdated concept and so called family values are right wing extremism.
  20. Pakistani Muslim men make the safest child minders.
  21. If Brexit happens the world financial centre is moving from London to Caracas so as to take advantage of the booming Venezuelan economy.
This is the official internal BBC guide on the effects of Brexit


  1. Non of those statements have been made by the BBC. If you’re going to denigrate them at least don’t make stuff up.


  2. Apologies. I thought you were presenting them as facts.


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