Chlorine Washed Chicken is Brilliant

Currently we eat chicken that is produced to EU food safety and hygiene regulations. (Just as they control most of our lives). So it sometimes contains Salmonella and sometimes Campylobacter bacteria. These bacteria can and do make people ill and sometimes kill people. Which is why your government tells you to always thoroughly cook chicken. Despite which we still get outbreaks of both diseases.

Chlorine is a gas. It kills bacteria and, like all gasses, it dissolves in water. So, in Britain, it has been added to drinking water since 1897. It is used in higher concentrations in your local swimming baths. And it is a key ingredient in many household disinfectants and antiseptics, such as Milton, Dettol, TCP and Germolene. It keeps you and your family safe.

So it makes sense to use Chlorine to kill the bacteria on chicken. Consumers should be demanding this. Chlorine washing does the job and everyone agrees that it is perfectly safe. It is what is done to supermarket bagged salad in the UK. And it is what is used in some countries, including the USA, for chicken. With no harm ever caused to anyone, whilst immense numbers of harmful bacteria have been killed.

The Adam Smith Institute say chlorine washing chickens in the USA reduces salmonella contamination from 14 per cent to two per cent. EU chickens that you and your family eat are 15 to 20 per cent contaminated.

The EU banned chlorine washed chicken in 1997. This is very obviously a non tariff barrier to protect inefficient EU farmers and thus to stop EU citizens from buying better (because no bacteria) chicken at a lower price (20% cheaper). The pathetic excuse they give for this is that the chlorine wash is so good that it encourages complacency elsewhere in the food production process. The EU freely admit that chlorine washing is perfectly safe and causes zero harm to humans.

The good news now is that we are leaving the EU this Friday so we and our families can enjoy the safety advantages of chlorine washed chicken. But amazingly some groups are trying to prevent you doing this:

  • Agricultural producers who are not efficient enough to handle competition from the USA.
  • Trump Derangement Syndrome sufferers, who see this as a way to harm the great man.
  • Greenists and ecofascists who wallow in ignorance and who are brainwashed with propaganda lies.
  • The woke brigade who are continually watching out for something to take offence at.
  • People (typically leftists) who want to harm Great Britain in any way possible.
  • The press, who never let the facts get in the way of a good story.
  • Bad loser EUphiles who suffer from the trauma of Brexit Derangement Syndrome and who lash out at anything that is against their ingrained dogma.

The average American eats around 90 pounds of chlorine washed chicken a year, that is 327 million people. With zero problems. And remember that chlorine is a gas, it has all evaporated off the chicken by the time you eat it.


  1. Well said! Now let’s hear them campaign to get the chlorine out of common salt!


  2. The last line is a bit silly. We all know that Chlorine has not evaporated off a Swimming pool by the time we use it.


      1. What about the chlorine taste when I lick my arm an hour or so after a swim.
        Is that chlorine or just something that tastes like chlorine?


        1. Freddy,
          Chlorine is put in the swimming pools in the form of soluble salts. So traces persist.


  3. Ninety pounds of chicken a year. Four ounces a day near enough. It must be good. Other protein producers must struggle to sell anything.


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