Climate Graphs that Prove the Lie

We are currently enjoying a warm period in our climate, caused by natural cycles in the activity of the sun and in the orbit of our planet. During the Roman Warm Period they grew Mediterranean crops at Hadrian’s Wall and during the Medieval Warm Period the Vikings farmed Greenland. But the Little Ice Age that followed killed off a quarter of our planet’s human population from starvation and cold.

Here are the same cycles demonstrated with actual data. We know the climate going back hundreds of thousands of years. Dendrochronology. Fossil dendrochronology. Ice core samples. Isotopes and pollen in lake bed deposits. The detective work has been done.

The ecofascist pseudoscientists are going to say that our climate cycles only happen in Greenland. So here is glacial evidence from Switzerland. When warmists say that glaciers have been receding, of course they have. They get bigger during cold periods of the cycle and smaller during warm periods of the cycle. Obvious really.

We don’t have Sun spot activity records going back as far as climate records. Galileo saw them with his telescope in the early 1600s and we have been counting them ever since. And, unsurprisingly they correlate closely with our planet’s temperature.

This graph is interesting because it shows no significant correlation between atmospheric CO2 levels and our climate. CO2 is not a greenhouse gas.

Ned Nikolov has a PhD in ecological modelling and made the above graph. The correlation is stark. Basically our planet sheds heat directly proportionately to how warm it is. There is no greenhouse effect whatsoever.

When you listen to the climate alarmists, such as the people who control Greta Thunberg, our global warming will soon have the seas boiling. In fact our warm period is less than 0.5C above 20th century levels. Compare this with how much the temperature varies every day where you live. It is insignificant. As we all know from our own real world observations.

This graph measures temperature a different way to the preceding graph, with similar results. But its shorter time span shows you clearly how temperatures have not risen in line with our increased CO2 output.

Here is global temperature measured yet another way (the possibilities are infinite). But this one is bang up to date. And it can be interpreted as displaying the end of our current warm period.

Finally, to give some context, here is a longer time frame picture. You can see how lucky human beings have been to have such a stable climate during our history.


  1. “In the Calendonian Mountains in Sweden, pine stumps are found in bogs up to 150 m above the highest nearby living trees… the altitudinal treeline in the Alps may have been as much as 300 m higher than at present during the Holocene warm period] “


  2. It would be helpful to have more sources for the charts.


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