Greta Thunberg, The Memes #2

For the first compilation of Greta memes click HERE.

If you wrote it in a novel nobody would believe it. A clearly deranged and uneducated child who admits that she doesn’t know what she is talking about reading scrips prepared by the globalists who control her. Yet world leaders clamour to be seen with her, she is nominated for a Nobel Prize again and hundreds of thousands of children can’t sleep at night because of her totally fabricated apocalyptic prophesies.

What we have here is a messianic death cult. And like all such cults it has no foundation whatsoever in reality, or evidence, or science. Everything hangs on faith and the word of the chosen one.

And Greta is no environmentalists. Just look at her use and abuse of plastics, which really are a critical environmental problem. And listen to her silence on the huge fossil fuel habits of Russia, China and India. All she addresses are those countries were her master seek to increase their power.


  1. her comment our generation will cause a revolution, don’t think her generation could start a fart, ,nothing but shite out of her oppressed face, only a mother could love it


  2. Enjoyed looking at the memes, borrowed a couple for my angry Climate Alarmist we are all going to die FB Friends..


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