March 2020

Time to Return to Work

The two top epidemiological statistical teams working on Chinese Virus in the UK are Imperial/Ferguson and Oxford/Gupta. Imperial said that quarter of a million of us were going to die, […]

Obesity is worse than COVID-19

The UK population is about 68 million people. Currently the government expect about 20,000 to die from Chinese Coronavirus. The vast majority of these will be people with existing serious […]

Will the Pandemic Kill You?

Right now in the UK there are 460 CONFIRMED cases of Wuhan Coronavirus, COVID-19, for each of these there are several other (or even many) unconfirmed, mild or symptom free […]

Relax. Here are the Coronavirus Facts

The last week has been very useful for the planet in our governments’ policies and attitudes towards this disease and in our scientific and medical understanding . So let’s summarise […]