Zero Carbon = 90+% Population Reduction

The world is committed to Zero Net Carbon by 2050. Your politicians have done this to you without consulting you or explaining what it means. In Scotland the date has been brought forwards to 2045. And now that we have a green extremist, Carrie Symonds, running environmental policy in England, targets are been brought forwards to 2035. (China, India and Russia have more sense than to be involved in this stupidity.)

Implementing this policy is costing trillions of our money. At least three trillion pounds in the near future in the UK alone. We are already feeling it in far higher taxes, far higher prices and restrictions in what we are allowed to do. This is going to get progressively worse, severely impairing our quality of life.

The first thing of note is that the only form of renewable energy is to go out and gather wood, bring it back and burn it (which Carrie is making illegal!). Trees keep on growing, so they are renewable. Windmill generators are not renewable, they could not be built in a zero carbon economy. Neither could solar cells or dams. Steel and concrete require huge amounts of energy in their manufacture, transport and construction. Windmill blades are made of plastic and they won’t turn without petroleum oil lubricants. Windmills and solar cells have relatively short lives, after which they go into landfills, destroying the planet.

The second thing of note is that Carbon Dioxide is plant food. The main effect of our burning fossil fuels has been to green the planet. NASA say it has been the equivalent of adding an extra Amazon rain forest. Feeding humanity and preventing famine.

Thirdly Carbon Dioxide is not a greenhouse gas. Nobody has ever proved that it acts as such on our planet. In fact there is not even any correlation whatsoever between historic CO2 levels and planetary climate. CO2 as a greenhouse gas only exists in some wildly speculative mathematical models. There is no scientific consensus and never has been that CO2 is a greenhouse gas. Every time anyone says that CO2 is a greenhouse gas or that there is scientific consensus they are lying to you.

Yes, about 22 years ago our planet warmed by about 0.4C, a tiny fraction of normal daily variance and normal seasonal variance. Since then temperatures have held around level in what climatologists call the “pause”. Now they seem to be dropping again. This modern warm period is a natural cyclical phenomenon scientifically provable to be caused by Sun activity and planetary orbital variation. As were the Medieval, Roman and Minoan warm periods.

Our politicians talk about Zero NET Carbon. The NET means that they think we can still use a little bit of fossil fuel carbon if we “offset” it by getting rid of some of the existing carbon. But this is either impossible or impracticable. When some virtue gesturing organisation says they are using offset they are lying to you. The only way to make the planet greener is to release more fossil fuel carbon into the atmosphere.

So if we really go to Zero Carbon there will be no electricity, there will be no motorised transport and the only manufactured goods will be craft products made locally. Sea transport will be sail driven wooden boats, land transport will mainly be walking, with horses, donkeys and mules for the rich. Food will be what you can grow with the fruits of your own labour on your own land, with any surplus used for barter. Housing will be unheated, made from wood, mud, stone and animal skins. Clothing will be leather, wool and linen. There will be no hospitals or pharmaceuticals and the return to folk medicine will collapse life expectancy.

You are getting the picture. Our politicians are returning our economy to medieval times. And the nearly 100% rural economy that this entails. Which means reducing our population dramatically to the level who can subsist off the local land. Some economist say that population will need to be reduced by 90%. Some say 95%. Certainly our cities will collapse to being villages (at best) and there will be nowhere for their population to go.

What our politicians aren’t saying yet is who they intend to kill and how they intend to kill us.


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