10 Reasons Our Lockdown is incredibly Bad

The lockdowns currently imposed on us are far more damaging, in every way, than COVID-19 itself is. What our governments have done can be compared with amputating a leg to cure an ingrowing toenail.

  1. The UK lockdown is based on a March 17 report from Imperial College that without lockdown 250,000 of us would die and that with it just 20,000 would. This report can now be seen to be pure fiction.
  2. Our Government has told us repeatedly, and went to parliament on the basis of, using lockdown ONLY to prevent our NHS ICU capacity being exceeded. They called it “flattening the curve”. Spreading the inevitable cases over a longer time period, instead of having a sudden peak. We have never got anywhere near that capacity, the four Nightingale hospitals have hardly been used. And now our ICU beds are emptying. So the Government has invented new reasons to keep us imprisoned, 5 of them. Our pathetic press have not questioned this. New CV infections peaked a week before lockdown. New cases of illness peaked nearly a month ago. Deaths, which are a lagging indicator, peaked two week ago. The pandemic is over. The continued lockdown may well be illegal.
  3. All previous disease epidemics in the world have been solved by isolating the diseased people. Every port had a quarantine procedure to stop diseases from abroad reaching the wider population. Some countries have taken this approach with COVID-19 and been very successful. But authoritarian Communist China put its entire population under house arrest. The Chinese dominated World Health Organisations then told the rest of the world to do the same. We were stupid enough to obey them. Yet the science tells us that hand washing and social distancing have been far more effective than lockdown at delaying COVID-19 spread.
  4. The worst hit country is Belgium with 0.5 deaths per 1,000 of population. The UK is about half of this. These figures are comparable with seasonal ‘Flu. We don’t lock down for ‘Flu. Also we don’t waste millions on mass testing for ‘Flu.
  5. The UK Government is spending £2.5 billion every single day that it doesn’t have on COVID-19. Fiscal incontinence on an unbelievable scale. We will have to pay for this. Decades of higher taxes, higher prices and sharply reduced quality of life. Sweden didn’t lock down at all. Helsinki has a similar population density to London. Yet their death rate is lower than ours. And their government finances have not been utterly hammered.
  6. Every day we see companies going out of business. Eventually COVID-19 will kill off more than half a million companies. Some being small, like hairdressers, taxi drivers and builders. Some being big, like major high street chains and travel companies. This will cause millions of personal tragedies and huge economic damage. And it is totally unnecessary. Our government have utterly trashed this country’s ability to create jobs and wealth.
  7. The Government converted our NHS into a COVID-19 machine. Nearly every other activity was cancelled. In addition our hysterical media (especially Piers Morgan) have frightened large numbers of ill people from seeking necessary medical attention. So our hospitals have been idle. Medical staff are so idle that they have spent their time learning and filming complex dance routines. This lack of medical care is going to kill far more people than COVID-19 is.
  8. The vast majority of people who catch COVID-19 don’t know they have had it. For them it is symptomless. Virtually everyone who becomes ill from COVID-19 has an underlying health issue (90+%) or is obese (80%). We can easily identify these at risk people. So why put everyone else, who are at zero risk, under house arrest?
  9. The UK’s Coronavirus Act 2020 is the biggest removal of rights and freedoms from the British people in all history. More than in WW1 and WW2. The state has not had so much power over us since Magna Carta in 1215. We have been enslaved. The police have been given huge arbitrary powers, with no due process, which they are massively abusing. Our individual location is continuously monitored by the Government using mobile phone data. Parliament, and thus democracy, was suspended. In the USA the people have risen up against such restrictions. In the UK people are happy to sit at home on 80% pay watching Netflix, eating pizzas and drinking beer. Being on holiday is more important to many than having what their forefathers died for stolen from them.
  10. The human cost of the lockdown is so huge as to be inestimable. Depression, unemployment, financial ruin, suicides, domestic violence, murders. Immense and lasting harm on an unprecedented scale. Brought down on us by our government. This is far, far more damaging for our society than COVID-19 is.

Like ‘Flu and colds the COVID virus mutates very easily. Already there are at least 40 strains out there, but most Western cases so far are of the S and L strains. Some strains will be more lethal, some less lethal. We will have bad COVID years just as we have bad ‘Flu years. With acquired herd immunity, immunisation and drugs we will have to learn to live with it. We cannot lock down every year, just as we don’t lock down for ‘Flu. There was no reason whatsoever to imprison the nation on house arrest this year. And now that the pandemic is over it is utterly ridiculous that it has not been lifted. Virtually every other country is lifting theirs. And many didn’t even have a lockdown.

If you want more facts and information about why lockdown must be lifted immediately go to the website Lockdown Sceptics (click HERE)



  1. This persistent lockdown with no end in sight is complete madness – the stuff of psychopaths. Fortunately the resistance is starting to grow. When people wake up there is going to righteous anger directed at the entire political class of all party persuasions.


  2. 8th April peak fatality date


    The lock down hasn’t saved a single life


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