Some Bremainiac lies

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Because the remain campaign had no good reasons why we should stay in the EU they resorted to Project Fear instead. Telling us a pack of lies to try and win the referendum. But these lies were so obvious and so ridiculous that only the most dim witted didn’t see straight through them.

Brexit will cause World War 3. According to David Cameron.

HM Treasury analysis shows Britain’s economy could be tipped into a year-long recession. At least 500,000 jobs could be lost and GDP could be around 3.6% lower following a vote to leave the EU than it would be if we remained in the EU. This was the Government’s official message.

The lefty Europhile Guardian confidently predicted that the Troubles in Northern Ireland would restart.

George Osborne told us that house prices would take an 18% hit.

We were promised a 20% drop in share prices. When in reality they have risen to record highs.

No plans for an EU army. A straightforward lie made by many Europhiles.

Osborne promised us a “punishment budget” if we disobeyed him. Also he said that interest rates would rise, when they have gone down. And that taxes would rise. In fact Osborne told us a whole litany of lies. No wonder he is no longer Chancellor.

Cameron said he would invoke Article 50 the day after the referendum if Brexit won, he said the UK economy would collapse and that he would not resign. All lies.

The government pushed a propaganda leaflet through every letterbox in the land. (Here it is). Which contained an utterly distorted view of reality. Click on the link and with 20/20 hindsight you can see how execrable it was. The government wasted £9 million of OUR money doing this. A disgrace.

We were also told that all Premiership clubs were against Brexit as were almost all senior members of the armed forces. That France would rip up the Le Touquet agreement and that the Jungle would be moved to Dover. That the UK would go to the back of trade negotiation queues. And so on. All blatant Project Fear lies.

It wasn’t just the Government trying to frighten us, Mark Carney joined in, as did Wolfgang Schäuble (who has since admitted that he was following Osborne’s instructions) and Christine Lagarde at the IMF. All of whom have since had the good grace to perform 180 degree U turns.

The BBC were cheerleaders for all these lies. (Read here). Amazingly they are still running an anti Brexit campaign, despite the obvious democratic will of the British people. This is a disgrace, it is against their charter, and it has caused immense harm to their reputation and credibility.

The British people can only be praised for being so steadfast in the face of such a barrage of lies. But then in WW2 we laughed at Lord Haw-Haw.







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