Greece. Apocalypse now

So the Greeks have voted  61.3% “No”, 38.7% “Yes” in a referendum that has rejected the third Troika bail out of the Greek economy. Obviously these voters expect Angela Merkel […]

Labour leadership fun

The most important recent event in the contest is Liz Kendall borrowing the phrase “continuity Miliband” from this blog (here). I don’t mind because she is the only candidate who […]

The real problem in Syria

This week MPs were discussing Syria as if Islamic State were responsible for the Tunisia shootings. They weren’t. David Cameron is far more responsible for the Tunisia killings than IS […]

Greece has an amazing opportunity

The people of Greece are fantastic. Amazing. Hard working and entrepenurial whilst still valuing the quality of life. Their business skills mean they own a big chunk of all the world’s […]

In terms of the overall EU economy Greece is very small beer indeed. This is why the Eurocrats were happy to keep throwing our money at the Greek lifestyle in […]

What is Government for?

Government is an integrated part of our lives, like cash money or the air that we breathe, so the vast majority of people don’t stop to think about what it […]


When I was young you knew what socialism was. Men in cloth hats and strong regional accents ranting on TV about “the workers” and going on strike all the time. […]

Why Osborne must REDUCE benefits

Look at the above infographics and it becomes very clear that for a lot of people work really doesn’t pay. Our over generous benefits are a genuine lifestyle choice for […]