Lord Sewel. Well done

You have to admire Lord Sewel for many reasons, firstly after a lifetime of misguided Labour party membership he saw the light and bailed out in 2012 (according to Wikipedia). […]

UKIP supporters are uneducated

We all already know that Labour supporters are a bit dim and that many of them are Yuppies. They vote for an evil doctrine that has caused harm to billions […]

Taking offence

Anyone who “takes offence”at anything should be taken outside and shot in front of their family. Note that offence is always taken, it is never given. The perception of offence […]

Iran is a fantastic country

The reason that the Western politicians and press don’t like Iran is very simple. They have taken sides in the eternal Sunni Vs Shia conflict and have come down on […]

The Greek diseases

You might wonder how we can throw hundreds of billions of Euros at Greece and it just simply disappears, with nothing to show for it. Some of this money we […]

The Pope is an idiot

All religions are man made, created to explain things before science came along. Because they depend on blind faith of something that doesn’t exist they create incredible fervor and zeal. […]

Greece heads for the exit

After the Greek referendum I wrote the “Apocolypse now” article that summarised the situation. Within days Alexis Tsipras of Syriza was back at the EU, presenting a deal even stricter than the […]

Tax credits explained

The idea of tax credits is simple, they are just negative income tax, which gives tax that other people have paid to people who the government think need more money. […]