Foreign policy

Calais. 100% Britain's fault

Just now there is a small army of men and women, from North Africa, the Horn of Africa and the Middle East camped at Calais. Risking their lives every day […]

Iran is a fantastic country

The reason that the Western politicians and press don’t like Iran is very simple. They have taken sides in the eternal Sunni Vs Shia conflict and have come down on […]

Greece heads for the exit

After the Greek referendum I wrote the “Apocolypse now” article that summarised the situation. Within days Alexis Tsipras of Syriza was back at the EU, presenting a deal even stricter than the […]

The real problem in Syria

This week MPs were discussing Syria as if Islamic State were responsible for the Tunisia shootings. They weren’t. David Cameron is far more responsible for the Tunisia killings than IS […]

In terms of the overall EU economy Greece is very small beer indeed. This is why the Eurocrats were happy to keep throwing our money at the Greek lifestyle in […]

Bush and Blair killed a million people

Most people don’t know this, the mainstream media don’t report it, and you will be shocked to discover it. President Bush and Prime Minister Blair illegally invaded Iraq in March […]

Africa coming good?

The countries of Africa, especially the sub Saharan bit, have a terrible history. Many of them were worse off after independence than they had been under their colonial masters. Corruption […]