Political philosophy

Expect Islamic war in Western Europe

Above you can see Milo Moire, a Swiss artist, who performed a naked protest in the square in Cologne where the new year’s eve attacks happened, with a sign reading; […]

Wealth trickle down is fantastic

Capitalism is amazing. Competing in the market to look after customers has enhanced the lives of everyone on earth to an incredible degree. It has generated enormous wealth for the […]

I feel sorry for Americans

When I was young the people of the USA voted in presidents who practiced good government. They made America a better place and with that they made the world a […]

Taking offence

Anyone who “takes offence”at anything should be taken outside and shot in front of their family. Note that offence is always taken, it is never given. The perception of offence […]

What is Government for?

Government is an integrated part of our lives, like cash money or the air that we breathe, so the vast majority of people don’t stop to think about what it […]


When I was young you knew what socialism was. Men in cloth hats and strong regional accents ranting on TV about “the workers” and going on strike all the time. […]