Political philosophy

Why the British Empire was a very good thing

It is utterly sickening that two of the greatest ever writers of English literature, William Somerset Maugham and Joseph Rudyard Kipling have become non persons, cast into oblivion by the politically correct […]

Why democracy is evil

We in the West are brought up and brainwashed to think that democracy is the best, the only form of government. So good, in fact, that we have spend much […]

London Mayor. No valid candidate

The upcoming London Mayoral election, on 5th May 2016, is Hobson’s Choice with no candidate that a reasonable person could vote for. Zac Goldsmith is a Zionist who believes: “We ought […]

Inequality, the facts

Look at the above graph and you can see how wealth inequality has tumbled down. This is largely down to the huge growth in the middle class and to punishing […]

Expect Islamic war in Western Europe

Above you can see Milo Moire, a Swiss artist, who performed a naked protest in the square in Cologne where the new year’s eve attacks happened, with a sign reading; […]

Wealth trickle down is fantastic

Capitalism is amazing. Competing in the market to look after customers has enhanced the lives of everyone on earth to an incredible degree. It has generated enormous wealth for the […]