Political philosophy

Capitalism is utterly fantastic

Capitalism pays for all the other -isms. The misguided people of the left regularly denounce capitalism and those who practice it. They think that individuals should not provide goods and […]

Productivity is King

When I was young a doctor or lawyer was materially poorer than a lifetime, dependency culture chooser is today. We take devices like washing machines, televisions and fridges for granted. […]

Two huge socialist lies

Socialism is not the natural way for human beings to organise our society. Division of labour and markets have been improving our lives for many thousands of years now and […]

There are some intelligent Jews

We all know that Zionism is an evil political creed which is very similar to Nazism. At its centre is European colonialists travelling to Palestine to steal the land and […]

How Red UKIP can succeed

In the UK our parliamentary system uses a first past the post system that makes life incredibly difficult for a third party. This is good because it leads to strong […]

The state is not your friend

Ronald Reagan was one of the great American presidents. Many wish he was alive today to deal with ISIS and Putin. He truly understood how government worked so it is […]