David Cameron

MP salaries need to be doubled

When you first learn economics you are taught the basic laws of supply and demand. How there is more supply as things become more expensive. It is what has driven […]

Zionism is a problem for all of us

Get a dictionary and look up Concentration Camp and you will see that it accurately describes Gaza today, then look up Genocide and you will see that it accurately describes […]

Time after time Nigel Farage is saying that David Cameron reneged on his promise to have a referendum on the Lisbon treaty. UKIP even made the above video. This is […]

There is no doubt whatsoever that on the evening and night of Monday 8th of August the police lost control of the streets of London. Partially this was down to […]

Yesterday was a virtuoso display from David Cameron in the House of Commons. Before it Ed Milliband had been calling for Cameron to resign, by the end of the day […]

David Cameron and Andy Coulson

Some people seem to be drawing false inferences that the Prime Minister is in some way implicit in the News International story because he had employed an ex editor of […]