Representation of political stance.

Political Compass is a 2 dimensional representation of a person’s political stance. It takes the response to 61 political propositions to build up a picture of attitudes. It is well […]

Vehicle Registration Number – H170FLK Make / Model – BMW 316I LUX A Colour – SILVER Utter, total scum. Just an opportunist thief with no moral compass whatsoever. It appears […]

There is no doubt whatsoever that on the evening and night of Monday 8th of August the police lost control of the streets of London. Partially this was down to […]

Looters during the riots in London

Here is a list of some of the people who have appeared in magistrates courts around the country to face charges arising out of the rioting and looting earlier this […]

Earlier this week we witnessed a new phenomenon in Britain, large groups of people organising themselves on the interwebs to suddenly appear in one place in order to overwhelm the […]

In this Guardian video you see two rastafarians who the Guardian are painting as being innocent victims. Of being non violent citizens just trying to get home and being victimised […]